The Pacific Ocean–Gives and Takes Away



We were crabbing with out of town friends, when we started to see quite a bit of U.S. Coast Guard Activity. An older gentleman had walked up to the end of the pier and with a tear said – there she is, the Seeker. He removed his hat and a tear came down.


He shared with us how this was the first time returning to port since they lost a man overboard. Horns started to sound. Long Mourning Low Calls. The bay went silent. The bar (Ocean Bar – entrance to bay) was closed to other traffic.



The Seeker received an escort into the bay.


And quick as it came in, the activity resumed. Hubby and I had a lump in our throats. Our town has lost several young amazing people this month. It just keeps building. Looking around, it hurts. It feels like the world should just stop. The whole world. Business should just close while we mourn. Activities should just cease. Sports should stop. But they don’t the world does move on while those of us in pain try to make sense of a new world without our loved ones.  Try to figure out how to bring even a small amount of comfort to those closest and most shattered by the loss.


For me it has been in the children. And it the activities. And I am reminded that the activities help me to get through the next day and realize that the world also gives. The Ocean gives back bounty. That there is hope for tomorrow. Save for my faith in Christ – I am not sure I’d be able to turn and see peace, joy and hope. It is a small salve for the pain – I am glad for it. For Him.


And the boys went on with their crabbing. Showing our friends how we crab here in the Pacific Northwest.


But it’s hard not to keep looking out to sea. Here is a link on the article:


And at the end of the day – we joined another family to use their Crab Boil equipment. Our little spot resting on the edge of the Ocean in Lincoln City. The crashing of the waves, smell of the salt water, butter on our fingers and lips, cracking legs and folding back backs for the amazing meat of the fresh caught crabs. Smiles. Bounty. Goodness. In the end of each day – Christ, family, friends, and melted butter is all we really need.

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  1. lauramacky says:

    Thank you for your story…I’ve often thought that…the world just keeps spinning even though something catastrophic like the loss of life occurs. But the connection with people never leaves our hearts.

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