Track and Field is the New Baseball



So – Since our youngest son aged out of the baseball fields – and doesn’t have the opportunity to try out for a team in Babe Ruth til June – we decided to have him to spring Track and Field.  I loved track in Middle School in Oklahoma City. (Mustang Middle School South). BUT now that we are in track in the Pacific Northwest, in Spring, I realized that what I loved was sitting out on the field in the warm Oklahoma Sun with my friends. We are not getting a lot of that. Ha.

Jon is really getting a work out and enjoying it. He’s excited to have an opportunity to get a kick start into getting into top shape for surfing when these spring storms give us a break.

His older brother got his license and started driving him to practice. After a few days sitting in the stands, the High School Track (&Surf Coach &Younglife Leader) coach came to ask him why he was there. “Taxi for Jon”, was his reply. So the coach says – “You’re not a taxi, you’re here to be on the high school team.” And that was that. We filled out the paperwork for Taft High School, made the doctor’s appointments, more paperwork, insurance and fees – and tada! Nate’s on the Taft High School Track and Field team.



Kind of weird sitting in the stands with 4-5 different schools to watch these games. I went to Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, home to the famed Steve Prefontaine. We have friends that ran track in high school with Steve. We hold the annual Steve Prefontaine run each fall. I never pictured my laid back son in track. I forgot there is ‘field’ involved – throwing. So he is doing Javelin, Shot-put and discus.


Still has time to chat with buddies. He had a friend call and ask if it was too late to see the meet.


Friends from Taft cheer him on and encourage him between events.


Team members encouraging him. Both boys are wearing a mixture of their surfer style and track gear. Nate runs in board shorts instead of running or basketball shorts. The kids were giving him a hard time and asking why. He says – “I’m a surfer, and a life guard. I have 20 pairs of board shorts. What do you think I’ll wear?”  Oh, Ya, and they all laughed and kept running.

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2 Responses to Track and Field is the New Baseball

  1. Julieanne says:

    Funny about the board shorts question and answer. 🙂 Loved it!

  2. soa1 says:

    Very cool! Glad both boys are involved in track. Is there things they need? We don’t know how much the schools provide anymore. Let us know.

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