April 2014

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit slow with sharing our family adventures this month. It’s been a bit of a hard month for us. 

Our changes started on the First Day of Spring, when I got a call that hubby had been sent home from work. He had a shoulder injury at work in January of 2013. It’s been a long process – and right now we are stuck in a insurance/Workman’s Comp/Company Policy hole. Hubby is home, with pay, while it all gets sorted out. We imagined that it would go faster than this. Although, thanks to the physical therapy, surgery and our new Trim Healthy Family – this is the healthiest the hubs has been in over 10 years, and now he is on a very long extended sick leave. Go figure? We are trying to enjoy every day as a wonderful vacation day gift.



I started working as a cleaner at a small 5 unit complex. Cute little clean suites. Overlooking the ocean. Working for Christian Surfers. What could be more fun? One of the pay backs comes when a guest leaves a note telling us how much the unit was an answer to prayer and really blessed their family. Makes me happy! I enjoy an hour or two away, over the ocean, listening to music on my Kindle or a book on tape. It has been enjoyable.





We lost a young friend to a car accident on April 4th. I could write paragraphs of how much we loved this 17 year old boy and what he meant to our family. It has pretty much put my heart in a vice grip for the month. Physical radiating pain.



On April 7th, the literal fog lifted and we finally saw blue sky. The Spring Transition was happening – and the wind changed the lake –



However – the combination of the Spring Transitions, several days of dark low laying fog, and probably the life span of the algae – created an Algae Bloom Die off – in a big colorful way:


This sparked quite a controversy – several meetings in town – while we waited it out to see if it really was a bloom death. Made for interesting conversations and beautiful photos as the lake turned colors.

Jon started up his landscaping business again. He’s earning money for Young Life Camps, Surf Trips, and Track Shoes. He bought himself a gas weed eater. I decided to employ him first.



Spring Flowers arrived in full color – while we await the Canadian Goose babies. There was a report and photo of 5 babies on the south side of the lake. I’m watchful for our side!


With dad home, Jon has become his little buddy. They go everywhere together. Early morning trip to watch the dawn patrol boys.

They are working on the property landscaping and gardens.

Which gives me time to Stand Up Paddle. (SUP)


Plenty of time for Art!


Surf’s Up! Not glassy –but he’ll take what he can get in between the spring storms.



Gathering at the beach with friends.


I shared that Nate and Jon started Track at the Taft High School. (7-12 school)


We had 4 sets of friends visit this month – time for some crabbing entertainment.


Around 10 days after it started, the lake cleared up! It was a bloom death!






And even in weeks of grief and uncertainty – the new life of spring arrives with splendor. Beautiful days, amazing color, weather study – and the restoration of the lake.


Nate was asked to Prom by an amazing young lady – so he said yes. Here is an after prom photo shoot favorite –


So – even though it feels like our world came to a stop this month – it kept on spinning around us. Friends, fellowship, spring, events, sports – just the right amount of distractions we needed. Still moving along strong on our studies – looking forward to Summer.

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  1. harmonyartmom says:

    I so appreciate that while your heart may have been heavy from losses this month, you still kept looking for the positive. Love your spring colorful flowers! Hugs Angie!

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