What About Prom?


There are a few questions that have been asked over and over since this little fellah has been 5. What about socialization? What about Algebra? and . . . What about Prom?

Well. I think we’ve proven that we need to be more concerned with carving out time for academics than worrying about his activities with kids and adults. He’s mastered Algebra 1 and Geometry and is going to love Algebra 2. Who loves algebra? Blech. And now – I give you – Prom photos.  The photo above is for my friends Barb, Tricia and Eva. Even dressed up, he wanders over to one of our ‘year long’ study spots to check on his fish, frogs and pond plants.

We went to one of our favorite gardens to take the prom photos. It was all about his friend and her gown –




She is a laid back surfing Hawaiian chickie. Will graduate Taft High School as  Valedictorian or Co Val, and have an associates earned from Dual Enrollment at Oregon Coast Community College  – and move on to OSU as a Junior – at 17.


She was looking for a low key – fun friend date – and asked Nate.




But still – aren’t they cute?? A mama can be wishful.


Light was going low on the horizon on the last top before dinner at the Bay House.


Me and my lil man.


Since they are both waterdog surfers / sup’rs – hubby came up with the idea to have SUP photos taken after prom.



I like the shot below – the house lit up is the Young Life house. Nate met his friend through Younglife and Youth Group at church. They are both going to go be workers at camp for the month of June. Pretty excited. His friend has given her free time the last couple of years to mentor young girls at Wyldlife.


Beautiful Inside and Out. We finally found that we could photograph the sparkle on the dress in the reflection of the water and got this shot from it.


The sun setting on the day – and I’m feeling it set on his childhood. Sigh.


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4 Responses to What About Prom?

  1. She is amazing…sounds like a wonderful girl and so much fun. I DO appreciate that he took time to note the year-long study spot. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your moment with all of us.

  2. They look beautiful and so do you Angie! You are an awesome mom! Congratulations on raising a wonderful son!

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