July 4th Clouds


While others were watching the fireworks on the 4th – my friends and I were admiring the clouds. If a teen asked you what kind of clouds these are – what would you answer?


I thought Alto Stratus, because we could see that they were mid level clouds in layers.



I was incorrect. They are Alto – but not the Stratus. They are Altocumulus. Technically – Altocumulus Stratiformis. Interesting – that they are formed as the result of the convection process. Those winds that shoot down the beach area? Convection Winds? Create these clouds. These are now known as “anti surf fun” clouds.

Convection Winds blow hard down the coast, and can only be felt within .5 to a mile from the water’s edge. They are created by the Hot/Cold – Hot inland, Cold Water – air shoots back and forth. Annoying to surfers and beach goers in July in the Pacific Northwest.

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