Trimaversary–THM One Year Later

For the first time in almost 20 years, I feel  . . . . . ?

I’ve been grasping at adjectives for days to explain how my life has changed this past year. This afternoon as I stepped out of the shower, I grabbed a regular bath towel and wrapped it around my body with enough room to tuck it and modestly walk upstairs.  I was flooded with the thought of feeling Normal. I can walk into any clothing store now and pick up a medium or large top and slide it on. Pants vary from an 8-12 but just about all 10’s fit, 12’s are loose. I’ve been used to vinyl camp chairs being one to two weekend throw away items. I was camping with friends and finally agreed to sit in their chair, and it didn’t bend. Vinyl didn’t split. I’ve had the same $8.00 pink chair all summer now. I’ve always wanted empty seats on either side of me at an event, as I go over the chair – and now there is space to cross my legs, and wiggle room. Is this how normal feels? It is the normal I remember before my thyroid went haywire and pre-diabetes set in.

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Now my eating is for fuel more than the just tasting pleasure of comfort food. I just found an old menu from last September.  Fruit smoothies, pancakes, Mac & Cheese, Frozen Pizza, Noodle Soups, Mexican Chicken, Dumplings, Pizza Bagels, Pot Stickers, Sloppy Joes, Meatball Sandwiches, Chicken Teriyaki, and a list of desserts – Cake, brownies, pineapple cake and cookies. Always on hand. All good healthy whole home made food. Made with love for my family. The best ingredients. Cooking all day. Every meal was dependent on Potatoes, Rice Noodle or Bread as fillers so that the boys would never be hungry, and we weren’t. We rarely felt a hunger pain.

What we did feel was tired. Anxiety attacks. Less than because of our size. Defeated. Trying too hard.

We started a huge physical fitness campaign. Move more every day. I felt very healthy. I’ve always felt beautiful, even when large. I’ve felt like I was doing everything I could do, and this was the body God gave me. I tried every eating plan out there, and they were all short term – nothing I’d be able to maintain for life or as a whole with my family. So I just moved more.

I started hearing about Trim Healthy Mama from my blogger friends while they were reviewing  the book. I kept hearing ‘Low Carb’ and equated that with ‘Modern Day Adkins’ or ‘Christian Paleo’.  I figured it for a fad and just watched from the outside. One blog that I follow is for my friend Julieanne, Joy in Our Journey. I watched her photos of the food she ate and couldn’t figure out what the ‘plan’ was. She ate carbs, rich fatty foods, wonderful deserts, amazing breakfasts, coffee drinks and smoothies.  She came for a visit and I asked her about the plan. She assured me that she could eat just about any food –but she planned how and when she ate it.

I knew that weekend, in my heart down to my soul, that this was what I had been waiting for. I ordered the book from my local indie book store, read it over a weekend and started on August 2, 2013. My initial goal was to detox from Whites. No White Flour, Sugar, Rice or Potatoes.  I knew I was addicted and needed it broken. After the first week I had lost 9 pounds.  What? My whole face changed. I’d struggled for years to loose one pound. I cooked THM meals for the whole family. Switched my baking cupboard, changed all of our snacks and put them on the rhythm of the S & E Plan style of eating.

It wasn’t a huge ingredient difference, save for the absence of noodles, rice or bread at every meal.  But the separating of the fuels – carbs or fats – was key to my body. It turned on my metabolism. I quit my required afternoon naps. I had more energy than I had had in years. My meals got healthier and healthier and my portions reduced, my meats lower fat, my vegetables abundant and my fruits more towards berries.

Now I see food completely differently. What others see as ‘healthy’ I see as Sugar Insulin Spikers.  What they see as snacks – I see as unhealthy body destroying energy zappers. When did America move towards the sole goal of keeping kids full all the time at any nutritional cost? What we found, is after the boys quit craving white toast, pasta and rice – is that they ate less. They craved less. They needed less fuel. They’d eat their meal with us, and then be – satisfied. No more grazing all day long. I watch moms now at events and the park with their purses full of zip lock snack bags full of sugar/flour snacks. Kids constantly hungry, never full, always seeking to come back for another juice box or bag of gold fish. And now – I see. The cycle of craving.

During the last year – I have made a lot of changes. We have stayed to the original goal that I believe God put on my heart of “The Four Whites” being out of our diet for good. We enjoy Quinoa, Brown Rice, other Root Veggies, Sprouted Breads, Fermented Breads, Wasa Crackers, Dreamfields Pasta, Local Honey, Plant Stevia, and Coconut Sugar. So we still eat Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes – but just not the whites. And we eat them on the S & E plan. In May my body said no more to Splenda. No more sugar free candies, diet soda, diet anything. My intestines are grateful. I haven’t had a sip of soda in 3 months, and that was a harder detox than the four whites physically and emotionally.

Physical changes – my arthritis in my knees and knuckles is no longer painful or swollen. My joints all feel smooth and working well. My face isn’t puffy every morning. My feet have shrunk 2 sizes. I have a neck – and collar bones. I have muscle definition in my legs, arms and back. Long gone are my 3x tops and 18W jeans. I just slipped on my son’s Medium shirts this week for sports. I am buying size 10 and 12 pants without a muffin top. I have one size 8 pants, but they are not flattering. I am no longer a slave to food cravings.

Well – this has gotten longer than I desired for a TrimAversary Post. Thanks for letting me rattle on. For my Metabolism with Thyroid and my family history, on both sides, with Diabetes – I have no choice but to continue towards health and eat this way for life. I am not a Purist. I enjoy corn chips and salsa. Hubby and I enjoy a nice wine or cider. We had a dessert together this week while the boys were away and we were on a date. It was amazing. I don’t feel like I am ‘cheating’ just making a different choice for that day. There is no longer an ‘on the wagon’ or ‘off the wagon’ feeling. It just feels – Normal.

Oh – for those who like to see numbers – I lost 40 pounds between August and January – and have kept it off. I am only loosing about a pound a month now, but my body continues to shrink.



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Thank you for listening.

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30 Responses to Trimaversary–THM One Year Later

  1. Jesse says:

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    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliatre hyperlink to your
    host? I desire my web site loaded uup as quickly as yours lol

  2. Sandra says:

    Awesome and inspiring! I’m a fellow THMer. I will be at my one year in September. I’m 55 and have lost 56 pounds! It’s been slow, but it’s going! I just hit 199! So am very excited! It works…unbelievable! My next goal is 25 pounds. Not sure what the end will look like. Just praising God at the change!

  3. Amber says:

    Wow! You are gorgeous! And now you are gorgeous AND trim! I so appreciated your testimony and found myself agreeing with all you said. Well stated! You’re right about the kids part, too! Before THM I was going crazy with the constant “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty”! Now, none of that! Good observation! THM has changed our lives, too, and I can’t imagine ever going back!
    I have a question I’m curious about … I’m not a purist, so have kept diet pepsi in our daily routine. I love Truvia and mostly use it, but sometimes occasionally use splenda for ease (the truvia that is most economical where I’m from comes in 1 tsp packets. That’s a lot of packet opening for family sized dessert baking whereas splenda is cheaper and comes scoopable!) I’d be interested in hearing why you cut this and the benefits you saw from one non-purist to another. 🙂

    Well done! Thanks for sharing the encouragement!

    • Amber says:

      P.S. I just noticed from your blog that you’re a fellow Oregonian! Awesome!

    • I was typing a long response and it disappeared. Ha. – So we have always enjoyed S/F Jello, Pudding and Candy from the store. I liked having the Dr Adkins bars in my car for quick grabs and drank 1-2 soda’s a week. Our favorite is to beat up whipping cream, add s/f pudding, cream with cream cheese, – mmmm. Jello cup wiht a spritz of whip cream. Jello and fruit. Yum. But then, hubby came home from work on a workman’s comp thing in March. All of a sudden we had a 12 pack of soda in the fridge at all times. It was too easy to just grab a soda several times a day. My stomach started to hurt. Might be tmi – but it was like having really bad gas, but then just feeling my intestines rumble and feel like pain. I was at the National Day of Prayer squirming in my seat – and prayed, and heard – It’s the S/F candy. It’s killing you and yes. I think it was. So – quiting for me wasn’t too hard. And yep, no more tummy pain. So it wasnt a weight loss choice, but a health choice for me.

      • Amber says:

        Corvallis here! But we like to visit Lincoln city! 🙂 Also fellow homeschoolers! Thanks for the response. Hmmmm … I wonder if that’s why I’ve had some tummy issues! Honestly, I’m terrible at cause and effect within my own body. I can’t seem to put two and two together until it’s pointed out to me! LOL. Prob how I got into this unhealthy state to begin with. Hungry? I dunno, hadn’t realized. Full? No idea. Thirsty? what’s thirst? Always been a ‘mind over matter’ girl raised to not make a fuss. I’m learning to listen to my body and understand it better. I’ll try to pay attention to when these tummy ‘attacks’ are happening in regards to soda.

  4. Wow! Just WOW! Great job! You look fantastic-but more important so happy!
    I’m also doing THM (started roughly the same time as you!)
    What’s your favorite E meal?

  5. sue says:

    Please share how you kicked the pop habit. Did anything help?

    • I have a soda stream. We keep 4 bottles of water in the fridge so I can make soda water. We like sparkling water with lemon and lime. I know which stores in town store sparkling water in the cooler so it is cold. I think God must have just helped, cause one day I was craving, and now I can’t stand the thought of it. I also like my GGM with sprarkling water. I also invested in fun water bottles. I keep them full of ice and water all the time. We made gallons and gallons of fresh tea during the transition too. My family only lasted the month of May. So now it is in the house again, but I prefer the sparkling water now.

  6. Julie says:

    That was wonderfully encouraging ~ thank you for sharing! You look fabulous!

  7. sue says:

    Angie, is there anything that helped you kick the pop habit? This is so hard for me! I know all about how bad it is, but still am failing every time I try to quit.

    • We have a soda stream. I bought a few extra canisters and keep them filled in the fridge. We like to slice lemon and lime and drop them in our soda water. At first, I was putting truvia in the drink but found I like it just plain with some lime and lemon. I LOVE Good Girl Moonshine with the soda stream. I was having stomach issues and had to quit. I felt like if I stopped all the diet things the pain would go away – and it did. If you are not having a reaction to it, It hasn’t really changed my weight loss journey. I enjoyed S/F Jello, S/F drinks and S/F pre-packaged candy from the store, along with Adkins Bars in my car all the time. BUt – all of a sudden, stomach issues – and I stopped. So – the pain is my motivation. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! It is such an inspiration to see God work to change us inside and out.

    • Thanks! I probably left that out of the story – but I seriously feel that God delivered me from the addictions of sugar and flour. I am most thankful that He has brought me to this way of eating!

  9. Libby says:

    Amazing! Give me encouragement! Thanks for sharing.

  10. rlc590 says:

    Wonderful testimony, very encouraging and beautifully written! Happy for you!

  11. heidi says:

    I adore your story and am inspired!! There are so many things about THM that we love but we’ve had to adjust to a whole lot of other things at the moment. Praying for wisdom and insight as we live as nomads for the next year and praying that the wisdom in THM and shared by my beautiful friend (that’s you, babe) will help keep me moving forward. <3!!

  12. Julieanne says:

    Thanks for the mention, Angie! I’m so excited that Trim Healthy Mama has worked so wonderfully in your family’s lives. 🙂 Even though I haven’t lost as much weight as I would like to use with THM, my health is a 180 from what it was before eating this way. You look amazing! 🙂

    • Thanks Julieanne. My favorite thing of yours is the shopping list from Trader Joes. Helps me to remember more choices at the store, even though we don’t have one nearby. (Corvallis). Thank you so much!

  13. Chareen says:

    You look amazing and you’re inspiring me to get back on plan 🙂

    • I was pretty much off plan this past few days with crazy circumstances. I can feel the arthritis in my fingers and feel so tired. Ready to get back to the straight and narrow.

  14. mpolyanna says:

    You look fabulous but most important feel better !
    But, what is S and E plan ????

    • This is the eating plan from the Trim Healthy Mama book. THM. They call their eating plan S & E. S for satisfying fats, E for entergizing carbs. So you either eat yummy fats with very little carbs – or you eat whole wonderful grain carbs and fruits with a smidge of fat. There’s more to it – but either you are eating an S meal or an E meal.

  15. Tiffany says:

    Amazing! I know you from the THM boards. What a great testimony!

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