Surfing Adventure from an Inflatable Boat!


The boys took off in an inflatable /zodiak/avon type of a boat in search of some swell on a flat water day. They started up river to the top left of this photo, weaved around the bay and out the mouth into the Pacific.


Not going to lie. My lil 13 year old was a bit nervous to cross out of the mouth of the river with a boat full of surfboards.


Hubby and I ran some errands then drove along the coast looking for the boat. We spotted it out in the ocean and spied some little black people floating in the wave. Bingo.


Great Big Ocean. Lil bitty surfers.


Jon’s friend and mentor showing how it’s done.


Jon loves rights.



I watched Jon get held down by two waves in a pretty big set. He swam to shore and then took a break. I didn’t notice til I got home that I got a photo of his 15 yr old friend in the back ground.


An evening with your buds.


So cool to watch him do short board moves on a longboard. Sorry this is blurry – but it was so cool to watch him go up and down on to the lip.


Did I mention being a Grom Surf Mom is quite a bit of hard work?


Drinking my tea with my hubby while taking photos out the window on a cliff over the ocean.


The boys head back out to the boat.


Turn towards home –


and we meet them at the dock.


Perfect Sunday.

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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