Economics for Everybody ~ A TOS Review

Roman Roads Media Review

My senior year in High School there were two required courses – Government and Economics. 1 semester each. I remember Government – but I remember nothing from Economics. I’ve looked at several courses for my boys for this requirement and decided on Economics for Everybody Curriculum from Roman Roads Media.  We took an overview of the program the past few weeks for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Economics for Everybody, Applying Biblical Principles to Work, Wealth and the World by R.C. Sproul JR. has two parts. Two DVD’s covering 12 lessons and a soft cover Study Guide.  The Study Guide has a list of additional resources. I am working on getting one of the three textbooks suggested. There are chapters suggested to read with each lesson. There are several resources listed to read as well.

Roman Roads Media ReviewWe watched the DVD together with Nathan. It is good to have the Study Guide open while watching the Video. I am more of a visual learner – I like to see the words. Nathan is more of a visual learner, he liked to see R. C. Sproul Jr. and the images while he was talking.

I found the DVD someone hard to watch. While R.C. is talking – he is very smiley and sort of talks with his hands the whole time. He is very enthusiastic, which is good, but it was just a bit over the top for me. He talks really super fast. I’d never pick up most of what he said from just listening. It is good that the Study Guide is there. So. Much. Information. 

I really enjoyed Chapter 7, A Tale of Two Theologies. It seems to have been a theme in the last few things we’ve read. The wording in this resource is Theology vs Anthropology. Specifics to the economic influence stemming from:
Theology – Who do you think God is and  – Anthropology – Who do you think man is.

It was interesting to see the sides played out over history and the rise and fall of markets, the rise and fall of Government Power or Power to the People. When a Government rejected market systems, the Christians would get killed. Christians wanting to bring all things into subjection of God.

It was really interesting to see how biblical principles could be seen forming economics through history and today.

My suggestion would be to watch the video and then have your student read the study guide separately throughout the week. There are Scripture Readings for each chapter, and then Learning Objectives are clearly given. Next is a Quotation given. The Lecture Outline follows, pretty close to what R.C. shares on the DVD. For each chapter there are multiple choice questions  for a quiz.  I would assign each chapter for a week’s work and chat about the Discussion Questions  on Friday. Finally, there are further Study suggestions, chapters from the books recommended for each lesson.

We made it to lesson 6 during our review period. I am going to have Nate start from the beginning in the fall, dig deeper into the scriptures, copywork out the quotations, possibly look up the person referenced, and have a few of the For Further Study resources available. I am also going to go to our local used book store and see what sort of economic books are there as well.

This course is suggested for grade 6 and up. I think it would be well suited for a child that has a good grasp of world history, geography, and a base in biblical history. There is a suggested 1/2 HS Economics credit for the course.  R.C. talks really fast. When my youngest son was in the room we would have to pause for his questions.

The lessons are laid out as:

  • Lessons 1 to 5 introduce key economic principles;
  • Lessons 6 and 7 explain the relationships between theology, philosophy, and economics;
  • Lessons 9 to 12 examine the application of economics in real-life systems.

Everything fits together, with each lesson generally building on the lesson before it. –( See more at:

Connect with Economics for Everybody:

I am glad I was able to review this product during the summer with Nate. My hubby watched along and was involved in the discussion questions as well. I think all three of us need a refresher/introduction/further study with Economics. I am excited to use this and to recommend this course to my high school friends looking to bring economics into their classical Christian education.

For this review – we were able to choose one of many products from Roman Roads Media. If you click the link below, you’ll see the other choices. It was funny – since we love Visual Latin, that Duane showed up in the videos a few times, like eating an apple. Made us giggle.

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