Apologia, iWitness Books–A TOS Review.

Apologia Review

So – If I said Apologia – and  – Books that help you understand where the Bible came from – would I have your attention? Of course you may know them formally as Apologia Educational Ministries.

The books I’d like to share with you today are:   Apologia ReviewApologia ReviewApologia Review

  These are intended for ages 11 and up – the 11 year old crowd would love all of the photos and almost, almost, a graphic novel feel. The And Up crowd would love the detailed graphics and deep specific information given for each page.

iWitness Biblical Archaeology walks us through where the cannons came from. It is a bit weird, not going to sugar coat, that it starts with Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Flood.  I think their point is that this can point to the validity of the early chapters of the Bible. Walking through Egyptian Chronology, Old Testament History and the Dead Sea Scrolls – (and many other topics) – it helps us to see a glimpse into the facts of those ages.

For Example, they will show you a photo of the Ipuwer Paprus from the 13th century BC located in Memphis, Egypt and give you the information about the Exodus, agreeing with the Bible.  Or – Explaining the Oldest Old Testament Copies of the Aleppo Codex (What is that??) You’ll find out by seeing and reading about the AD 930 texts. Seriously cool.

Bibliography and Images – For the And UP crowd, they have an extensive Bibliography and Images index to make you happy. As is usual with Apologia Educational Ministries – these are simple facts – not opinions or fuzzy feelings. You can choose what to do with their Factual Archaeology Artifacts of texts.

Moving Along – It’s funny – our whole family devoured these books when they came in. Perfect small size, Written and Designed by Doug Powell. (Great Guy) Around 30 pages long. All three fit in my purse. I put them in my back pack, put down my blanket and read them on the beach while Jon Surfed. If you know me, this would be advertisement enough. It takes a lot to turn my eyes from the waves when the lil Grom is dropping in! I’ll wipe the sand away and get going on the Old Testament.

Old Testament IWitness – Why is the Old Testament important? Why do we care? We love Jesus, right? Well- “Even though Christ is the ultimate authority for Christians, he taught that he Hebrew scriptures are God’s revealed word and are an authority for our lives.” 

We walk through the manuscripts, how they were copied, the formation of the cannon (books of the bible), the Torah, Prophets, Covenants and More! As with the iWitness Biblical Archaeology, this one includes the history with photos and actual texts of when it was created, how it was copied, where the stones have been found, more and more photos. I REALLY love the timeline included as well. It is all topped off with the Bibliography and Images Directory as well. Hard to argue with facts.

Or with the fact that Sand is Annoying in the middle of pages of books. The third book I read during a City Board Meeting. What? Well, it was a Water Board Meeting for our lake. I wanted to stay distracted so I wasn’t too involved emotionally to crazy politics. I have notes written on the agenda – Salmon on the Road during High Rains, Rule changes by DEQ for Specs, Students can take the Chemistry Class for Water Quality – I hear the important things. . . .  But you want to know about the New Testament right?

New Testament iWitness – This one isn’t as well read or beat up as the other two in my collection. This is probably due to how much we have studied about the History of the New Testament. This book takes us back to 393 and 397 AD to when the Hippo and Carthage Councils met and decided on the books to put in this cannon. What would it take for a piece of writing to be included? Who were our church fathers in the 3rd century? Were there problems? What about the Hymns and Creeds? Were any books rejected? And how did it all get copied way back when? Were their differences or critiques? Again, so many photos of the actual texts and easy to read excerpts from the texts and notes from people of that day. A Bibliography and Images Index – of course. As the years moved through the first few hundred years AD, you’ll see how these books moved and changed, included or rejected, verified, and copied – to perfection.

These are not ‘Homeschool’ books. These are Christian Apologetics books for families. You’ll learn about the Old and New Testament, resurrection and life of Christ. Children and Adults should enjoy this graphically detailed texts. Adults should enjoy the history of it all. If children are raised with these facts easy at hand, they would be able to defend the Bible from a factual historical Archaeological side of view.  I think having all three books would be an amazing addition to your library and family reading times.

These books are listed at $14.00 each on Apologia Educational Ministries’ website.

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