LifeStraw–and an amazing walk through the forest



We received a LifeStraw® Go to share on our blog this week. Our only trouble – is that we’ve been told, by the Water District, that the toxins in the lake are not able to be filtered, and the company has said it does not filter salt water. Most of our rivers are brackish (salt and fresh water mixed) as far as  5-6 miles up stream.


Today I needed to run up Highway 18 to Grand Ronde. Our favorite little river spot is up that way. I loaded up 3 teen boys and a few snacks and our LifeStraw® Go. The boys were excited to have an empty water bottle to carry, since we didn’t need to fill it at home.  The hike into the spot is about a half mile.

Their first reaction to the product was that it would light to carry!



Although the water looks beautiful, we are actually in an elevated bend. There are pools that stay stagnant until the rains come. As the river rises, more water spills in to create waterfalls out of stagnant pools.


See this area? This is just a few feet away from the waterfall Jon used to fill the LifeStraw® Go. The surface of this water is – well – blech.


After ‘the rains’ come, you are no longer able to stand on these rocks.


With LifeStraw® Go – we were able to sample the water. The boys said it was the best tasting water they’ve ever had. And they were not kidding.


This product is a water bottle. You fill the water bottle with water, and then drink from a straw connected to a powerful filter. More detailed information can be found below, and on  the LifeStraw® website.


Have I mentioned that the life of a blogger is tough tough work?


So here’s where things get weird.
I walk up to the bridge and the boys are talking to two fisherman.

They go to Uganda and sponsor children there. They are looking to get LifeStraw 2.0’s for the Kayunga, . It was an amazing encouraging conversation. A chance meeting several miles up a river in the middle of nowhere  – between the Ocean and I-5. They are having a hard time getting the LifeStraws for their group.

I am going to be working on trying to get them some LifeStraws to take on their next journey. While researching, I learned about the  ‘Follow the Liters’ campaign. Each purchase ofa LifeStraw Water filter provides funds to give one child in Africa safe drinking water for an entire year.

How crazy is it to meet two people trying to get LifeStraws in the hands of their sponsored children on their next visit to Uganda while taking photos of a LifeStraw on the Oregon Coast?


We immediately handed over the one that we received. Although these are meant for adventure, camping, salmon fishing, and long forest hikes – how lucky are we to be able to carry fresh water bottles from home? Feeling blessed for the opportunity to review, and for the opportunity to live in this amazing part of the country, and the opportunity to put our LifeStraw® Go into the hands of a sponsored child.

From the Company:

LifeStraw Go:

  • LifeStraw® Go converts microbiologically contaminated water into safe drinking water, removing 99.9999%.
  • The durable, lightweight bottle is ideal for a variety of users outside of the home, including hikers, runners and campers, and for everyday consumer use.

    ‘Follow the Liters’ Program:

  • LifeStraw®’s  ’Follow the Liters’ cause marketing campaign harnesses the collaborative power of individuals to help solve one of the world’s most pressing issues – lack of access to safe drinking water for people in developing countries.
  • Under the ’Follow the Liters’ campaign,  when a consumer purchases any LifeStraw® water filter, a portion of the funds are used to provide one school child in Africa with safe drinking water for an entire school year.


  • LifeStraw® is manufactured by Vestergaard a Swiss-based global company dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged people with game-changing solutions that fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal disease and neglected tropical diseases.
  • The company is the largest producer of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets that prevent malaria under the PermaNet® brand, and its award-winning LifeStraw® water filters have been designed for individual, family and community uses.


  • LifeStraw®  website:
  • LifeStraw®  Facebook Page:
  • LifeStraw® Pinterest Page:
  • LifeStraw® Twitter Page:

    The LifeStraw® Go and information have been provided by Vestergaard in exchange for posting a review on this website.

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    1. Life has neat ways of connecting people. I was just researching Life Straws for my kids for Christmas. I love the business model of get one, give one. Thank you for sharing!

    2. That is totally awesome! It sounds like a divine appointment!

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