Surfer Proof Lip Balm and Hair Oil–a TOS Schoolhouse Crew Review!


(Sunrise from my porch.)
Koru Naturals ReviewFrom the morning sunrise with coffee, until the sunset at the beach  – many of our days are spent out of doors.  The Pacific Northwest is brutal on skin and hair.  When I saw that we might be able to review products from Koru Naturals – I must admit to being skeptical. The two that intrigued me were the Pure Emu Oil and the Pure Lanolin Lip Balms.


The first product is Emu Oil Premium Grade.  I learned that Emu Oil is a traditional Australian Aboriginal natural oil.  What? What does that mean? It is fully refined. I like that they test each batch to make sure that the Therapeutic level is still maintained. I hear often that this or that their type of oil will cure everything from split ends to nail fungus (just kidding) but have nothing to back it up. Each batch is analyzed to make sure that the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids 3 and 6 are still in place.  I also learned that it is non-comedogenic  any hypoallergenic – which means it does not clog pores. I have the skin of a hormonal 14 yr old, and I can attest that it did not clog my pores.

We are in the salt water a lot. It strips my hair. Changes the color, lightens it. My ends look like hay. I do have a few leave in products. I wash my hair with a gentle cleanser, condition in the shower, then leave a leave in conditioner during the day. Still dry on the ends. You can use this product as a leave in hair conditioner by spreading a few drops on your palm. I then rub my ends, and then move my hands up to my scalp. Then I brush it out. This product does not leave my hair oily. It takes a very small amount. 

After a long weekend, I’ve put it in my hair on Monday and let it sit in my hair all day. They say to leave it in 10-30 minutes. Then rinse with a mild shampoo.  So 2-3 drops for a leave in and 5-6 drops for an oil treatment.

This morning – I put a tiny amount on the palm of my hand, then worked the oil into my dry elbows. With oil still on my hand I rubbed the ends of my hair. The photo on the left is the wildish hay type feeling. Wish we had feel-o-vision. The photo on the right is after rubbing in the oil. See ? Not greasy, just smooth and silky and manageable. No curling iron or hot iron. Just a couple of minutes between shots.


The other part of the photo is my lips. On the left, no lip balm, on the right a layer was applied.  Ok. Seriously – what is wrong with both of these photos? Beach Person (Boys and girls) their lips are horrible. Many of the guys that are in the over 40 crowd are undergoing skin therapy for cancerous cells. We are really aware of protecting our lips. And that’s what made me ask for this product.
It is a 100% pure anhydrous lanolin lip balm. They claim that the lanolin is wind, sun and water resistant. The repeated phrase on their website is that it will “protect your lips”. This is really important to me. How to protect my lips without harsh chemicals, sun screen, and petroleum? The reason I’ve spent several dollars per tube in the past – is to help keep skin cancer at bay. But creaming chemicals on my lips? Which is worse?
This is a simple product. and YES. It does protect my skin from water, wind, and sun. My son is hooked on it. He says it’s like putting a layer of protection on his lips. He wanted to put some on his eyelids last week. (sunburn when surfing) I spend HOURS on the beach in the wind, mist, rain, and sun. The biggest thing the PNW has? Overcast Skies. There is NOTHING worse than being cold on the beach with grey skies and then coming home to chapped lips and sunburned cheeks as a result of the sun going through those skies. Sigh.



I am happy to bring these two products to you. My husband used the EMU Oil on his eczema on his face and it really made his skin smooth.  I used the lip balm on my lips, and then rubbed the extra on my fingernails and cuticles. (I can’t over emphasize how little you need.) I usually have a few dry skin parts on my lips, especially the lower lip. None. Not a bit right now. And I don’t have to constantly re apply it. Maybe twice per day – it works for me.
Oh – the other part of the equation is heat. These are quite hard in the cold, and only soft, not runny in the sun, or the heat of my car or pocket.


DSCF9111(Sunset from the porch)

From the first cup of coffee on the deck, out in the elements, to Stand UP Paddling in the moon light, watching the surfers until you freeze after sunset – you need – YOU NEED – to protect your skin and hair. Not just to look pretty – but to keep it healthy. This product worked for us.


Jon approves – here are shots from this week:


S0279521     Koru Naturals Review

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  2. cmjenniferm says:

    Your hair looks great, but you know there are tutorials online sharing how to get that “beach hair” look you have in the first picture? 🙂

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