How Do You Hear from the Lord?


I walk the beach with a bunch of girlfriends on Wednesday mornings.

This week I didn’t sleep well and I was dragging. I went to wake up my son, who was supposed to surf with his coach at 8, and he begged me to let him sleep. I told him that was OK, but I still need to meet my friends at 8:30. He could sleep in the car.

As I walked out of his room – I got the feeling that I should just call my friends and cancel. I couldn’t loose the thought of it, and realized that a little rest, and more sleep for the kid for a very packed day, would be a good thing.


Right as I hit send on the text apologizing for bailing – Two texts appeared in my incoming mail box.  Sorry we didn’t sleep. Sorry kid is coughing.

I smiled. I almost didn’t communicate. Packed us up, to do something I really didn’t want to do. Was going to toss a sleeping bag into the back of the car. etc etc etc.

But –




I just had a feeling
that I should call and cancel.
That it would be OK.



I try to be aware of the Kingdom as many moments of the day as possible. Pray without ceasing and all. I look for the Kingdom appointments all around me with people that I meet, random people usually.

My vocabulary often is colored with – I think God Said, I feel the Spirit leading me to, I don’t feel peace in my heart about, I feel utter peace about this decision, I hear the Lord saying, etc.

Folks ask me – how do you hear God’s voice? I think sometimes we make too big a deal about it. Like Wednesday with a beach walk. What I thought out loud and said to my husband was – “I’m glad they cancelled, I just had a feeling it was ok to cancel today.”

In your day – how many times do you “just have a feeling”. Just think you should call someone. Just think you should stop by. I just thought I should email you. I just thought.

Maybe you give yourself too much credit for coming up with these brilliant ideas. Ha. Is your Holy Spirit called Just?


Think about it today. Track it. Each time something is brought to your remembrance or to your idea box. Change the laundry. Write an email. Pull out the meat for dinner. Mail a bill.

Not the crazy worry kind. Anxiety. Fear – No. Banish those. In the Name of Jesus banish thoughts of those.

Act on the Just thoughts. I just thought I should invite you to lunch, you are probably busy, but I thought I’d call.  – if you act on it now – you won’t have to worry or be regretful for not calling. I have a friend that I keep thinking I should call for breakfast. Every day – I think – I should call, invite myself over. Just last night, a couple of her friends confirmed that she is indeed in need of fellowship and prayer. As I’m writing this “I just remembered” that I was going to walk up and eat her oatmeal this morning.

Maybe you hear from the Lord – through that quiet unassuming voice of the Holy Spirit all day long? Maybe you just give yourself credit for it. I challenge you today – keep track. And then learn to really hear that voice – and realize it is not your own. My next big challenge? Talk back to it. Be thankful.


Thank you for giving us the idea to go to Pacific City this evening. Thank you for reminding me to call my friend. Thank you for reminding me to pick up a bag of coffee yesterday. Thank you for waking me up early this morning. And then, it’s ok, pat yourself on the back, or feel His pats, for being obedient to the appointments he had for you this day.

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