The Babies Are Here!


My morning coffee spots. One is right by the water. If I sit quietly, mamas will bring their little ducklings to show me. I like to sit out on my deck and watch the patterns in the water.  A V in the water triggers my attention and I grab the camera.


This morning I got to meet this new family.
This is really zoomed in. Dad wouldn’t let them come close to the dock.
They still look pretty fuzzy and yellow.


This is a different family from a few days ago. She let them swim all around me for a long time. Such a nice mama.


Our resident beaver is having a good time. This morning he was swimming back and forth around me and the ducks. He doesn’t like it when I am on the dock. We have quite a bit of fallen wood for him on our side property. He’s been going to town over there.


Beavers help the lake in that they sort of create a filter to the streams coming in.
It doesn’t help the land owner who gets a big flooded pond instead of a field.  Ha.


All of these photos were taken this week.
I thought I’d share some of the birds that are still hanging around.





There are a lot of fish in the lake right now. I love it when they jump right in front of my kayak or Stand up Paddle Board.





This is the first year I’ve been able to really see the wood ducks. I know that they are in the lake, but I never get to see them. Earlier in this month I got to see a whole family swim by. Tiny TIIIINY lil babies. I had a friend mention that they keep the wood duck houses a bit in the water, but elevated, as they feel safer that way. Then yesterday, I saw a bird/duck in the water and when I paddled by it splashed and then seemed to disappear. Then I saw it, up on a branch. It was a beautiful wood duck. It opened my eyes to our portion of the lake and where they might be hanging out. As I continued to paddle home I saw many wood ducks! I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to learn new things about the ducks in our lake.


Sunset – right at sunset – is a great time to find the lil babies. The shot above is actually sun rise, the sun peeping over the eastern hill and starting to light up the landscape.

Below shows the last rays of sun sliding through those trees above,
a spotlight onto the dock.


Forever in my heart, my time here on the lake will be my favorite adventure. May we continue to be blessed with our location. It feeds my soul!

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  1. Bipasha says:

    What a lovely place to enjoy one’s mornings…

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