Day in the Life – June



I have been listening to Alistair Begg with the Android App – Truth for Life. I’ve really been enjoying the solid biblical walk through. He’s been talking a lot about relationships, marriage, the roles of husbands and wives, etc the last few days. Before that he went through Mark – you can check out his current online chat, or look through archives. I like them because they are fairly short. A drive to down, sitting on the couch, folding laundry – or this morning, I walked out to get some sun, coffee, and listen to the Word.


We have a fairly large beaver on our side of the lake. He’s been pretty active trying to blockade the little stream that comes into the lake. Someone keeps dismantling it, and then he builds it again. If the water can flow through it – it’s not a bad deal, as it filters the water. I suppose they don’t want their fields to flood on the other side. . . .



Took a walk with my 14 yr old through the country neighborhood. A friend picked me up some farm fresh picked that day strawberries. We walked, ate, threw the stems, took photos of beaver dams and flowers.  . .. Perfect Day with a Teen Son.


Looks to be a good crop of blackberries this season!!


Jon is playing Babe Ruth this summer – ages 13-15 – local teams, mostly playing at our high school field that we call ‘the pit’. I so – so – so – much enjoy watching baseball.


We are continuing through the summer with a bit of school. He still has a couple of weeks left of his current level in Fix It! Grammar and Math U See Pre Algebra. We’re doing a cursive program I’ll share later, but it only has a few short lessons for the whole program. We are continuing with our piano practice as well. We’ll drop Student Writing Intensive until the Fall.  I’ll be review products through the summer – so stay tuned! An online math program and an audio book, along with an online planner that I am THRILLED with will be up soon!

And – by the way – this was June 10th, My birthday – Pretty Amazing Day!

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