Looking out and Forward–January 2016



The past two weeks have been a blur. How is it the 13th? I keep thinking I have a lot of time  – and that a date is far in the distance, the wham. Here we are. To keep the day to day straight, I am still enjoying The Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Debra Bell, combined with my online calendars – Google – and Homeschool Planet.  The caption above is from the Ultimate Homeschool Planner (UHP). I like the way it centers my thinking.


There are two pages to work through that keep your goals – biblically minded – as a battle plan in the forefront of the week. I’m also reading Battle Plan from the War Room folks and getting my prayer warrior thinking cap, praying cap back in place. This is not an easy task raising two teen boys in this generation. We like for them to make choices, hopefully with our advice in mind, hopefully prayed over – but allow them free will. For the most part. Ha. I truly believe that they are in God’s hands. Walking them through this journey of new adulthood is a crazy path. They don’t write nearly as many books about the 18th year as they do the first five years.


We are still enjoying the same curriculum this year. The Review Season has started, so some things might get supplemented or replaced, but I think our solid mix will stay through May/June. Because we are Strong by Doorposts, Several products from IEW, America the Beautiful by Notgrass, Algebra 1 by Math U See, and Science online by SDAccelerate.com.

Jon is almost done with the science for the year, he plows through it. That might free up more space for music, art, and language. He took Spanish all spring and summer and we have not started it up since the Thanksgiving Break. I need to get back to that.

For the most part, I write it down, set out his workbox, mark the pages, and he can get his work done during the day. Spelling, Writing, Math, and Science all have a video tutor. I don’t really need to ‘teach’ him anything this year. History is read and has a workbook.

Someone asked me last night – “How do you know how to teach high school?” He was asking in a nice way, as his teen has switched schools this year. “Well. I’ve been teaching school for 12 years now. I’ve learned a thing or two, and now that we are in High School, most of the teaching comes from the videos.”

Thanks mostly to the opportunities with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine – I get to review a ton of products and pick what works best for our family.  If you ever have any questions about curriculum, what might work for your child, and your family dynamic, drop me a line! I love curriculum conversations!

(I am not an affiliate for any company right now,
and this was not a required post for any past review product, just sharing my day.
I did not add links as these products should be easy to find.
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