I Don’t Recommend Homeschool for High School. Surprised?

You may be surprised at how often I get this question. Second to the reaction of “I could never” comes the close second of “Should I homeschool my High School Teen?”

It comes with a phone call – from a desperate relative. Parent, Aunt, Grandmother. Or I’m stopped in a store.   “What do you use to homeschool? Little Billy really needs help and we want to do what you do.”

In the beginning, I’d invite them over, tour the resource room, try to give extra review supplies away, give them advice and how to information. Now, I’ve learned my lesson to ask questions and listen.

What circumstance is in his life right now?

What are your learning goals?

What grades is he making in public school?

What relationship does he have with teachers and administration? Have you talked to them directly?

Why do you think bringing him home will help?

Long term – What type of accreditation do you think the student will need? Are you thinking of enrolling him in public school again? Will you need a government issued diploma?

What I’ve found – is that in most cases the student is burned out. Maybe from academics, more often than not the teen rat race of relationships. Some have an awful catalyst that imploded their inner world. Some are attacked by sly relentless bullies. Most – have that one class, the one teacher that they just can’t get a passing grade in. Some just flat out do not want to show up to school.

Pulling your student out of a network of professionals – to be at home all day – usually alone – with a stack of foreign government issued K12 / ORva (Oregon Virtual Academy) will usually NOT help in any of their problems. It will pull them further apart, alone, helpless, and most likely with the same study habits and poor results.

So, no, I don’t usually recommend homeschooling for high school. There is too much stress from outside sources. Your reasons need to be rock solid, the desire resolute. The options exhausted. A last ditch effort to save a child. And I never recommend the online government issued programs. If you want to home school your student. Then let them learn at home.

I’m going to be writing more about what I do recommend. How I would recommend it. It is not for the faint of heart. I’ve had 12 years of watching groups of senior homeschool students push out into the world pursuing their interests and passions and chosen colleges. I’ve had hundreds of mothers tell me first hand, eye ball to eye ball that it is worth it. Yet, even as I am coming to the end of the line with my boys, I still have mornings of doubt, and wonder if this is the right thing. I’ll be sharing how I keep my focus – keep my goals in mind – and keep the boys center stage.  . . .

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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