Electronics at Home–Sound, Speakers, Amps! Oh My!


I know when my 18 year old son is on his way home, as I can hear his music about a quarter mile away. We tease that we can hear him when he turns off the high way. When he pulls up to the house he has an ‘under 8 second rule’ for turning off the stereo. At first it was to be respectful if our neighbor is in town, but now it is to make sure our windows don’t break. My boys have an obsession with speakers, wires, music, amps, bass,  – the whole thing. Trouble is, they’ve ‘winged it’ with their learning so far. When the speakers are tested for the first time, it is usually during held breath – and heart pounding – while waiting to see if sound will come.


I share their journey because my younger son just finished with his second installment of an online course from www.eeme.co. (EEME)

Project Amp is a 6 month project. He gets a box in the mail each month with a link to the lessons online.  You might remember that we worked with the breadboard a couple of years ago – Elementary Electronics – so he is familiar with the starting off points.

His dad was home for the first box and they huddled around the computer. I gathered a few plastic containers to keep their project parts organized and safe. (as instructed in the video) I watched from the kitchen as they built the first parts. They got through it pretty quickly. The project is aimed at the 7-12 crowd with zero experience needed. We were pretty happy when the last screen of the online instruction had Jon ask for the next set. I got an email right away to verify that he had, in fact, done the work I expected and I give permission to mail the next one.


Jon poses for a picture.
He’s pretty happy with his Wresling/Surfing/Baseball arms at 15. Ha.


For the seceond installment – big brother Nate was home from college and thought he’d sit in. There is enough instruction on the videos, step by tiny step, that no outside help is required – but any male in the house is unable to stay away.

Below – You can feel and hear the music through the amp.


I took a video of the final stage of this week’s class – but I can’t for the like of me get Windows Live Writer to communicate with YouTube, nor figure out the code to put it in manually. Sigh. So – Here is a link if you’d like to watch a Video of Jon hearing the sound for the first time!



I’ll write a full review of our experience after the project is complete. I just ordered the third installment, I’ll keep posting my progress. In the mean time – here is a link (affiliate) to subscribe – it will get you $10.00 off your first month!

(Disclaimer  – I am receiving this subscription for free while sharing it with you – this post is just to share our electronics journey because we are having so much fun – full review to come.)

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  1. I am so excited about this one! I am looking at electronics as part of my son’s year next year. Thank you for sharing.

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