An Easy Way to Clean White Baseball Pants–Turf or Grass


2015 was my first year to be introduced to my nemesis. White Baseball Uniforms. Who thought this idea up? White? Nothing beats the crisp fresh look of a new pair of baseball pants. But that only lasts until the first inning of a game. Sure, I’m glad the kid got on base, but I know it is going to ruin my wash job . . .


I looked up how to get them clean and found out that Fels-Naptha was the answer.

Fels-Naptha is a small bar, the link above will show you a photo, that you can purchase from hardware stores, mart stores, and even Walgreens for under two dollars.  I had some in the house from back in the ‘I had time to make my own laundry soap’ days.


Pinterest gave me some general tips on how to use it. The first year, I would wet the pants, then wet the soap, and rub the soap on the stain until it disappeared. I felt like a genius. 

This year, I had a new thought – first, using a scrub brush to get at the stains instead of my wrist. Second, shred some soap onto the brush. That led to shredding the soap directly onto the pants. BINGO!!!! Hot water + Shredded Fels-Naptha + A little bit of scrubbing with a stiff brush = Sparkly White Baseball Pants! WOO HOO!

I’m pretty sure my older son will be happy that I used his favorite Young Life Camp Mug for my soap dish. Ha.


Here are the pre-wash results – this is the rear, I didn’t take pre- bottom results, but they were bad. We also have no idea how old these pants are, as they are uniforms from the JV Baseball team. I can’t just go buy 6 more pairs.


Here is the pre-wash post scrub results of the knees. You might note that I didn’t use much of the bar, and I’ve had this bar for about 4 years.


A photo wet – after the wash. I put in the rest of his uniform, and a few other items. I didn’t put in any more detergent as there is quite a bit of detergent in the fabric. There is also a lot of Orange and Black in the uniform, so I can’t just use bleach. Color Safe Bleach will not get the stains out.



The bottom got really clean.


And note that I am using a simple under 200 dollar used to me 10 years ago washing machine – top loader. No secret cleaning from an expensive model.

All ready for game night!



First hit – his pants already have dirt from the outfield. (Center)



The trick is teaching them how to fly over the plate.


I forget they do actually have to touch the plate . He was SAFE!


This is what my little laundry heart fears – the full body slide.
Turf Stains. Dirt Stains. Sigh.

The pants in this story were from the game shown above. We ended up with a huge win! I was quick to rinse, rinse, and re-rinse Nate’s coffee cup. I’m on the lookout for a small stiff brush instead of my dish brush. And I’m so happy to be a Baseball Mom – that’ll gladly spend the evening before a game scrubbing knees. Smile 

(And Yes, You can be a homeschooler in Oregon and play OSAA Sports.
Be nice, open, and ask your local high school Sports Athletic Director.
They may have extra things for you to do that they require
all of their team members to do to participate,
it is worth it – I promise!)


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4 Responses to An Easy Way to Clean White Baseball Pants–Turf or Grass

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  2. Jackie says:

    I have used fels naphtha for years on his uniform but it doesn’t touch the the black from the turf I even scrub with a brush

  3. Cliff says:

    Thanks for the post (but boo to all teams that require white pants!). I’m sad to report that the Fels-Naptha treatment didn’t do anything for some dark gray turf stains (from the ground-up tire material). Should Fels-Naptha take out that type of “burned-in” stain, in your experience?

  4. YAY! White baseball pants! Said by no mom ever!!! Fels-Naptha is the best stuff ever. If I had my way, all pants would be dirt brown!

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