Homeschool Diploma and Graduation Gear! A TOS Review

Exclusive High School Diploma Review


It’s a review and a personal experience with

We were given a a choice from the selection of diplomas on their site:

  • Standard Diploma with Deluxe Cover in  8.5” x 11” or 6″ x 8″
  • Personalized High School Diploma with Deluxe Cover in  8.5” x 11” or 6″ x 8″
  • Exclusive High School Diploma with Deluxe Cover in  8.5” x 11” or 6″ x 8″
  • Vintage-Style High School Diploma with Engraved Seal and 8.5″ x 11″ Deluxe Cover
  • Vintage-Style High School Diploma with Embossed Seal and 8.5″ x 11″ Deluxe Cover
  • Gilded High School Diploma with 8.5″ x 11″ Deluxe Cover

We chose the Vintage-Style High School Diploma with Engraved Seal .


Ordering a professional high school diploma is simple with their online shopping cart. I’ll walk you through the easy process.

First, you choose what diploma style you would like. It varies in price and size.

Next you’ll pick your seal, the choices are Christian Education, Soli Deo Gloria, or Classical Education.

It will guide you to enter the name of the graduate and school.

The next step is to enter that  you have the authority to issue the diploma. For homeschoolers, the parent will mark yes. For schools, the administer should fill out their name. This will not stop the ordering process, nor will it show up on the diploma.

The next screen is for the graduation date, and your signature lines.

In each step, there is a photograph with arrows showing you will it be placed.

There is a final option if you would like a Honor’s Seal, with several levels of choices.

The last step – was the hardest for me, you have 9 combinations of cover choices. Seals, words, placement, the agony. All beautiful! You can even include the student name on the cover.

That’s it! Add it to your cart, maybe take some time to think over your choices, and then order it. There are options for archived copies or wallet copies, and even expedited shipping/preparation for $10.00.

That is the nuts and bolts of how the process works,
if you have a minute,
I’d love to share my personal experiences with HomeschoolDiploma.Com

I had heard about the company when my boys were still very young. So I knew, early on, that they could graduate from Homeschool and be issued a ‘real’ diploma.

But we skipped it. High school didn’t move through the traditional four year process for my oldest son. He had finished most of his high school and was looking towards taking an Anatomy class. We ordered a curriculum, and were both overwhelmed, so we looked at taking a full credit class at the college. Long story short, he is now finishing his second year at the college through a program with the local high school, is now 18, and in his traditional High School Graduation year by age, is 2016.

He was looking for scholarships and a couple of the colleges asked to see his High School Diploma. I looked online and was going to just find a form and fill it out. Then I remembered HomeschoolDiploma.Com and thought I’d check. I assumed it would be out of our budget.  With the Standard Diploma – it wasn’t.

Just a few simple clicks – and I ordered a Standard High School Diploma with 6″ x 8″ Deluxe Cover.


I can not adequately describe the quality. I’ve done the photos a couple of times, indoors and out – and my camera will just not do justice to the 3D needed quality of these images.

The cover is beautiful, heavy, and thick. The corners are gold ribbon. The paper is printed on is a heavy weight card stock, with fiber grains to to the touch. The printing is dark, crisp and with perfectly professional fonts. The embossed gold seal tops it off. They place a thin plastic sheet over the certificate to keep it protected, but it does not distract from the diploma. A thin tissue paper rests inside to protect it the plastic cover as well.

We brought the diploma to his college. They were not concerned if it was an Oregon State “Accredited” Diploma. Just that he had one.

There is more to the back story of wanting the diploma, and I’ll write about that more in May. Smile 

I will share that he and his buddy teased that they didn’t really graduate high school, they just ran out of high school level classes that they wanted to take and shifted to the local College. Both of them said it wasn’t a big deal that they didn’t go through a graduation ceremony. Last summer, they had a homeschool graduation bonfire at the beach.

DSCF0719Photo shoot for Prom 2015 Nate and Toby

But I have to tell you – from a mom’s heart – This certificate completed my efforts. It made me feel .. . . validated? The question around town with the high schoolers is if they will ‘walk with their diploma’ or not. Will they have all of their credits, will they pass? I know – that my son has done his all the last four years, above and beyond anything I expected, and has a High School Diploma.

IMG_20160412_220730546(I forgot to mention that the other side of the cover has a beautiful white satin fabric.)


So enter my experience as a reviewer for HomeschoolDiploma.Com.

We were asked by the Schoolhouse Review Crew if we’d like to order an Exclusive High School Diploma. I wrote to them my experience above – and said I already ordered one and although the Exclusive looked amazing, we didn’t need two. However, I have a friend that lived with us last year, he never got one. May I order one for him? They said Yes!


His mother and I worked together to order the Vintage-Style High School Diploma with Engraved Seal and 8.5″ x 11″ Deluxe Cover. When it came in the mail I was overwhelmed. The size and quality – were amazing. I loved the imprinted seal on hers, instead of the gold seal sticker on mine. The vintage option was just – glorious. I loved how she used the Latin for Mother and Father as their signature lines.

I was going to mail it to her – as she does not live in our town – but she was traveling to Oregon that week and drove over to pick it up. We met at the beach, and I was able to present it to her. She and I were both just about in tears.  They are going to hang it up in their new home. 

She asked her son his thoughts and got “Absolutely great! High quality. He loved the nice cover. It is a diploma that fits the occasion.” Ha. Boys.

(Toby at the Prom Photoshoot – Unicycle before the dance? Sure!)DSCF0664

And that is my main message to you today. If you are looking for a company that sells diplomas, this is the one. If you are wondering if it is worth it to buy a professional set, I am saying yes. Save up, spend it, do it.

What I can’t really portray through the photos is the emotional feeling. What it felt like, two mothers hugging on the beach with our diplomas in hand. Both of our boys are still detached. Nate thought it was beautiful, and it fulfilled a requirement for a scholarship, but he can’t really share more than, “It is nice, I like it.”  So for this part of your journey – if you are remotely considering – take the leap. Who cares if you think it will sit in a box or on a shelf. I thought it wasn’t worth it, because of those two things. No. I was wrong. It IS worth it. It is a finality. It is a finishing. It answers questions around town – will your son graduate? Will he get a diploma? He did get a diploma.

DSC00528DSCF5160(Nate’s Senior Photo and Homecoming 2016 Photo)

I also get to speak on behalf of their customer service.

When the college asked for a diploma, and we were picking dates, I was thinking of two different things. One, we started our intentional, made the decision to stay home, learning when Nate turned 5 in February. So we have held a January – November year round school year. (We don’t even pretend to school much outside of reading Thanksgiving to New Year). So on the date, I said – Graduation Month – December. And then I moved on to the Year, and he is the Class of 2016 with his local high school friends. (He is enrolled in one class at the High School.)


I got the diploma home, and read the line – Graduation December, 2016. Uh oh. Sorry buddy, but you are still  high schooler for another year! (It was Dec 2015 at the time.)

So I called the company and explained. We changed the date to January, 2016, and they very quickly mailed a new certificate for me so I could get it to the college. I paid a small fee for a reprint and shipping.


They are are full graduation center
for all of your graduation needs or desires

They sent us a sample of their graduation announcements and holy cow the quality of the papers, inks, and embossing. Again, photos really can not show you how they feel, the weight of them. It is like a high end wedding invitation. Trifold paper with the name card and insert card in an envelope, which is in the mailing envelope with a seal on the back and a custom address sticker.  Look through their announcements online; their photos are much better than any I took. They also have class rings, tassels, cap and gowns, (I’m not sure if they are continuing the cap and gowns next year), shirts, sweats, key rings – you name it.


Scholarship ~ Character ~ Excellence in Home Education, Diploma of Graduation


THANK YOU HomeschoolDiploma.Com
from two mamas who are super glad we have diplomas!

If you email to ask which one I’d suggest, I will direct you to the Exclusive High School Diploma with 8.5″ x 11″ Deluxe Cover. I’m not as fancy as the Vintage Variety, but I do like the larger size. I also like that it comes with the personalized options, and four choices of seals with the engraving that I liked.  Check out the link below to see more reviews and how the others liked their choices!

Twitter: @HomeschlDiploma

Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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