Spring has Brought the Baby Mallards



There are whoops and hollars ring throughout the house and yard – “Come Quick, Come Quick!!”  As everyone races down to the waterfont, including our excited pup, it makes it hard to get a shot with the camera.


Yesterday I was out on the deck and saw mama come by again, I was more quiet this time.


She still doesn’t want to introduce them to me. We have a few mammas that really like us, and their yard. They will come by and show of their brood. I’ll get closer photos then.


The papas still like to swim  by . . . Morning reflections on the lake.



I’ve been working on getting up and going outside in the morning. Not just to paddle or exercise, but to just not read Facebook in bed, then move to the cozy couch. I’m on a cozy couch strike.


I remember when we moved here, I was out every morning with coffee and a camera. Last year, I was out maybe one morning every two weeks. This spring – Trying for every day.

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  1. Spring is the best time to get out!

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