Disabilities and Learning, Always Learning

I’m always learning that is. Growing. It seems that just the right article or story comes out at just the right time that helps us on to the next step.

I haven’t written a lot about our disabilities this year. Teen boys are not too excited about sharing. My older son was really excited about sharing his learning differences. It empowered him. If he knew the reason why something wasn’t connecting, it gave him the empowerment to find another way around.  Through the archives you’ll see that I shared a lot about his story.

Now my youngest son has hit a wall this year. Teen hormones? Surf Distraction? Too tired from sports? Other kids play sports, surf, and do a full day at public school. Other kids get a’s and still train hard. Was it a character issue? Is he just not trying? Being obstinate? Should we look for different books? Change topics? Change reading levels? What???

And then a few physical disabilities came up this month. We’re learning more about brain/head injuries with concussions and the longer lasting repercussions. We’re learning more about his tachycardia and the possibility that he has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). That’s for a different post – but it makes him exhausted, and gives him a lot of brain fog. 

I’ve spent too much time assuming it was a chosen character issue. And I’m really sorry for that.  We’re looking into medications and life changes that help the POTS not present as much. So far, the physical shifts have helped.

A few articles that I read talked about reading comprehension and head injuries. Jon has been to the ER for a concussion this year and has been knocked pretty hard in wrestling and whacked his head more times than I know by his surf board. I am a good little Duct Tape Beach medic. He also was in a dry drowning incident this past winter and ended up at the ER after he stopped breathing. And – why I didn’t correlate it – but – that was about the time that our reading time in school went into the pit.

Reading comprehension, memory loss. Short term memory and long term memory. I’m going through menopause and messed up on my thyroid prescription – so both of us living together is a sad comedy show.  I think we both say – I don’t’ remember, I know know, I’m tired all day long.

The GOOD NEWS – and the reason why I started prattling on – is that we’ve been hooked up with a few programs that have really helped in a very short time. I’ll start a new post – and tell you more about it.

If you have any personal questions about the concussion, POTS, Tachycardia, sports, Anxiety attacks that lead to hyperventilation and passing out, and specifics on the reading comprehension, shoot me an email or a message on FB.  If you have any tips on these things – let me know!

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3 Responses to Disabilities and Learning, Always Learning

  1. Phyllis at All Things Beautiful says:

    Oh, my!! My son Sam (almost 19) has POTS, too! Thank you for sharing!

    • Wow! If you have any tips – pass them our way. So far we have learned that Salt and Water are his friend – and not just while in the ocean. He had 3 bags of IV last week when he crashed for 4 days. Looking to get his doctor to give us a card that will let us go in and get one when we know he is dehydrated. There is a POTS specialist that lives in our state, and we know a few families with it. Crazy how God puts us in each other’s life. Never alone.

  2. soa1 says:

    Good Morning: just read your mail – wow!! what can I say, just keep him and all of you in my prayers.

    Kind of sprinkely out, chilly, and cloudy, Sherm’s favorite weather. Our dove babies have been out of the next about a week now kind of miss watching them.

    All’s well here, Just our usual days. Looking forward to when you c an come for a visit.

    Hugs to all Mom

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