I Want To vs I Have To–Learning Difficulties, A Journey

We are starting a few new programs, mixed with some old favorites, and a few updates.

The Players:

We are one of the lucky ones to review the Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from IEW. We used it when the boys were younger, and were offered the updated version.

MaxGuru from MaxScholar.Com – an online program that helps spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension using the Orton-Gillingham method.

ForBrain –  a device which helps people with brain injuries to work on memory and comprehenion. (This should arrive the second week of May.)

We started on MaxReading this week. It begins with a pretest and then puts you into a level. What I liked about the program, is that I saw that it mirrored the skills learned in the Teaching Writing with Structure and Style – Structured Writing Intensive program from IEW.  In this case, they call them chapters – You read a chapter 5-7 paragraphs long on his level, review the highlighted vocabulary words, then choose the Title, Main Idea and Important Details. It may be different wording, I’m not sure. But you build an outline, pulling out the key ideas from each sentence, using an online highlighter, then typing it into an outline. Next, it gives you a writing assignment, then reading comprehension questions.

The first day was painful. Learning the program, and having quite a bit of work to do. The second day, my son could do it on his own in less than 20 minutes, and he got 100 percent – with a huge A in red on the screen. Wowza.

He picked Level 2 for the Poetry Memorization. We have done most of level 1, and he wanted to start fresh. I know the instructions say to keep practicing past levels – but we’re going to skip it. He did go over Level 1 on day one, and still had many of them word for word. Pretty cool. After just a couple of days, he is onto his second poem.

The ForBrain should work well with these programs. The idea is that you would read aloud for 20 minutes a day with the device on. I’ll learn more as we get the product but for now, it looks like a headphone that helps you hear through the bone by your ear, instead of hearing through the air through the canal. (Plug your ears and say your name, vs not plugging and hear the difference.) There was mention on the videos of brain injuries and how this helps. It also says if you need to memorize a large piece – using it 20 minutes, three times a day, will quickly help the memory, and I think even learning languages. But don’t quote me – I’m new.

We have had a huge quick increase in results this week, and it is only Thursday. Not only on the score results, but on the personal confidence. As I shared in my last post – we are also incorporating changes physically to help the physical challenges, and now tweaking the learning is helping the learning differences. Sports and the desire to be physically active has increased. Joy is coming back.

The I Want To has once again replaced the I Have To.  I do have the worlds most obedient boys – I am thankful. But they are not always joyful – or try 125%. The frustration was getting us all down on how hard it has been to get through reading assignments. Joy – is a welcome guest – in our home!!!

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