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During our outdoor time this month we are learning about how soil is created and how organic materials decompose. We dug out a square of grass to look for worms and didn’t find any at the eight-inch depth. We have been watching where the worms move in the worm compost bin.

The most inspiring thing we experienced was – This is a hard question. I am the one that gets inspired by their buy-in and willingness to seek differences outside.

Our outdoor time made us wonder about how to keep a worm alive. They have changed their terrariums many times. Do they like fresh Salal leaves or ferns? Do they want wet old Big Leaf Maple leaves Red Alder? How much dirt do they want? Will I kill them?

In the garden, we are looking for items that are decomposing. Grass, leaves, sticks, bark mulch, etc. We do not have anything currently to harvest and we will be planning our spring planting in March.

We added nature journal pages about earthworms from our OHC Earthworm Study, how soil decomposes, and lists of what we found decomposing.

I am reading “Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth, a First book About Geology”,  by Herman and Nina Schneider, and “Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast”, by Pojar / MacKinnon. I was inspired to learn about Miner’s Lettuce and the different Claytonia varieties. We discovered that we were calling two plants by the wrong name in the playground forest.

I am dreaming of all of the fresh spring flowers and flowering trees.

One Last Photo: Playground Rivers

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