Cutest Cat Tail Study Ever

We were in Newport, Oregon today to visit the Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center – the HMSC was closed today, so we spent extra time at the Aquarium.IMG_0470IMG_0472

Even though the opening attraction of watching them pull the huge snake (python?) out of a tank might seem exciting, especially the part where he told the guy the head was free, he’d better keep an eye on it – I found myself looking out the window to the pretty winter scene outside. I left Nate to fend for himself while I took some photos –


Of the cutest cat tail patch EvAr.


I figured out how to get outside to look closer – We usually walk through this exhibit, so I don’t think we’ve been outside through this particular pond. We saw a newt swimming on the surface.


These cat tails were so tiny and maintained and cute – that I was almost glad for the sign to let me know that they were the right thing!


Salal and Huckleberry in the background of the cute cat tails.


I met the boys back up at the Passages of the Deep looking at Anchovies.


Good to see that dad had Lil Jon “In School” this afternoon.  Ha ha ha ha. I kill me.

Want to see some more Oregon Evergreen or Weeds In Winter?



Huckleberry in Bloom


Cattails and World Of Color Challenge

Pine Trees and Winter Evergreens Challenge

Salt Study and Winter Weeds

Not that the Strawberries would be a “weed” but they are a prolific ground cover, from the beaches to the forests around here.

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5 Responses to Cutest Cat Tail Study Ever

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  2. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful pictures! Pretty cattails. The python pic made me want to throw up, though. 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog today. I really appreciated your comment there and could very much relate to your sentiment!

  3. Love that aquarium….visited a few years ago and I couldn’t get my boys to leave. 🙂

    What a surprising place to find cattails though! I enjoyed seeing your berry photos and dreaming of summer sweets.

    Thanks so much for sharing your cutest cattails ever.

  4. Not quite the same, but my oldest son has been pulling ‘weeds & stray grasses’ to make room to plant strawberries and maybe blueberries.

  5. Amanda says:

    ….”in school”, you kill ME. 🙂

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