Latin for Children

I’d like to take a moment today and share a new to me company with you – Classical Academic Press .

For the past couple of years I have been wanting to take the leap to teach Latin to the boys. I am convinced that a knowledge of Latin will help them in learning different language, understanding our language, help them on vocabulary tests in High School and College, and – give them something to do in the afternoons that is a worth while pursuit.

The question comes – How? I learned through a class and through choir. I have little cards with word roots on them. But it doesn’t seem just right. I had been praying about how to move forward – when –

We were privilaged to receive a beautiful professional package from Classical Academic Press.  Here is what we received:


  • LFC Primer A — Student text and workbook. The foundation of the curriculum
  • LFC Primer A Answer Key — features the actual text with answers in bold print
  • LFC A DVDs & Chant CD — offers chapter-by-chapter training by the author with 2 students. The chant cd contains all 240 vocabulary words chanted and sung in both the classical & ecclesiastical pronunciations.
  • LFC A History Reader — Read Latin stories from history that are geared toward the grammar and vocabulary being learned in each Primer.
  • LFC A Activity Book! — Play games and puzzles that help students master the Latin vocabulary and grammar from each Primer.

These books are the collaborative effort of three Latin teachers, and are the fruit of seven years of research and testing. Latin for Children is the choice Latin curriculum for many classical schools and homeschoolers.

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), these books have made Latin the favorite subject of many students around the nation. Text from the Classical Academic Press Website

The workbooks are high quality and easy to understand. As the teacher, it did not take me long to figure out what to do and how to implement the program.  We are going to use the program with our two boys ages 10 and 13.  We played with the first lesson, watched the DVD and looked over the activity book. 

My plan, over the summer, is to watch the entire DVD package, and read through the workbook. I plan to start teaching Latin in September.  The reason I want to take the time reading through it is not because it is confusing, but that I want to know what is coming up. I find that if I don’t have the next lesson in my mind, we will just halt on it.

I have read quite a few conversations about Latin for Children, and the rest of the great products with Classical Academic Press and I can give my word that the products are amazing and wonderfully written for Homeschoolers.

Latin for Children A – Mastery Bundle can be found here. for $99.00

Individual Workbooks may also be purchased for less than $20.00

(I was given a complete set of Latin Children: Primer A for free for my honest opinion as a part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew) See what the Review Crew said!

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  1. Mrs. Taffy says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Song School Latin that we got to review! I’m going to keep my little ones moving up through the program as time progresses, I just wish I had known about this when my older ones were little, they would have loved it too!

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