Spring Term–Curriculum List

So we are almost through a week of school, after a two week break!  I sat down Monday and went through our books, and promised I would share here which ones made it into the Workboxes!

  Nate Jon
Bible I Can Study Jonah & Ruth, Greek N Stuff The Put On Chart,
Pam Forester, http://www.Doorposts.net
English Writing Tales Level 2,
Amy Hastings Olsen
Daily Grams
Writing Tales Level 1,
Amy Hastings Olson
Daily Grams
Math Mathematical Reasoning, Book 2, Timberdoodle.com Mastering Essential Math Skills-America’s Math Teacher
Social Studies Daily Mind Builders, Social Studies, Timberdoodle.com Gold Fever, Gold Alaska,
Geography Archapello, Atoll Galloping the Globe and The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide by http://www.timberdoodle.com
  Poetry Contest Reading Clubs
  Phonetic Zoo, IEW Phonetic Zoo, IEW
    Drawing Textbook, Timberdoodle with Graphic Wacom
Co-Op, Nerf Teams Winking smile Co-Op Easter Choir
Man Skills Contenders For the Faith http://www.Keepersofthefaith.com

Most of these books can be ongoing through the summer, a page or two a day, 15 minutes a day.  We have been watching quite a bit of Netflix in the afternoons – I’ll have to make a list of those shows if you’re interested.  The boys did quite a bit of intense Writing and Math at the beginning of the year, so these tools are mostly maintaining and practicing. Most of these supplies assume a knowledge of the skills being worked on. Right now, my favorite is the Writing Tales and the cards from iseecards.com for Fractions and Primes.

If you are searching these things out for what people do when they home school boys in Middle School – I welcome you, if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email and I can send links or answer questions. Most of my regular readers know the books already.

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