March Bird Post 2011

  1. Song Sparrow, Adult Pacific Northwest
  2. Red Tailed Hawk – Bend, Oregon
  3. Western Scrub Jay – Bend, Oregon
  4. Steller’s Jay
  5. Dark Eyed Junco
  6. Great Blue Heron Juvenile and Adult. Juvenile hangs out at our house, Adult hangs on the South end of the lake. Adult shown below found at a pond on the ocean’s edge.
  7. Bufflehead, Adult Breeding, Adult, First Winter
  8. Merganser, Red-Breasted, Adult Breeding
  9. Turkey Vulture – Driving East of Salem, Oregon
  10. Gulls – still have not taken time to identify which one. Western, California, Mew, Ring Billed, Herring, Thayers Glaucous, Glaucous Winged – are possibilities
  11. Black Oystercatcher, Adult
  12. Canada Goose,  Juvenile and Adult
  13. Turnstone
  14. Mallard
  15. Coot
  16. Pelagic Cormorant. Just one. Mar. 8, 2011 by Nest from last year. Sibley says Juvenile stretches neck at awkward angles. That is what caught our attention on the rock. Updated- Have now seen many out swimming in the Ocean.
  17. Red Winged Black Bird
  18. Kingfisher
  19. Scaup
  20. Black Capped Chickadee
  21. Sooty Fox Sparrow
  22. Downy Woodpecker
  23. Varied Thrush
  24. Northern Flicker
  25. Pigeon
  26. Raven
  27. Woodpecker, Downy
  28. Hearing the Doves during the day, but they have not come to our deck yet.

I am never quite sure how the photos will post in – Here is a link to my Sky Drive if the photos above do not load: March 2011 Birds


This is the second month I have made a list of birds seen, as encouraged by Kingdom Arrows Tweet and See.  I use the Semimonthly Bird Checklist Project for Lincoln Co. checklist to help me, but it does not have a lot of water fowl on it.  I am a VERY new birder – so if you see a mistake on my photos or list, please comment.

I received this from our Bird List Leader: 

The numbering system in Windows Silverlight is not stable so the
numbers were when I viewed but they change.
3 of 60: Chestnut-backed Chickadee–it has a hint of red on back and
they are more expected in conifers such as the Douglas fir in this
4 of 60: 2 female Buffleheads
15 of 60: Buffleheads
21 of 60: Horned Grebe
22 of 60: Common Loon in breeding plumage
23 of 60: female Hooded Merganser with Buffleheads
24 of 60: “babies” are female Buffleheads
26 of 60: 6 Western Grebes with 1 Brandt’s Cormorant
33 & 34 of 60: Steller’s Jay
35 of 60: I don’t know if Sooty Fox Sparrow but is Fox Sparrow
37 of 60: Downy Woodpecker
38 of 60: Song Sparrow
39 of 60: female Hooded Merganser
40 of 60: not 2 Western Grebes. Photo not clear but I suspect that
they are 2 Horned Grebes
44 & 45 of 60: Pelagic Cormorants
55 Surfbird
56 & 57 of 60: 1 male Common Merganser with probable female Common Mergansers.

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2 Responses to March Bird Post 2011

  1. Heather says:

    can I just say, Dude! I have never seen a bufflehead, scaup or sooty fox sparrow. What cool names. I am SO GLAD you are participating in Tweet and See. I love your new camera.

  2. Dawn says:

    Your pictures are amazing. We are on spring break this week, so I may let my boys who love to i.d. birds take a look. They will love that pic of the stellar’s jay. They want to travel west so they can see one.

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