Faith Filled Pews

How does your church put it out there?  That they walk in Faith? Support the Family?

I think we saw the Most Faith Ever Displayed EvAr in a Pew at a church building this weekl.


Each tiny little spot has a name tag or two. Each Spot has a Sharpie Marker.

Hundreds of them.  WITH a pen. Sharpie? Pen? Hello. Is this on? Could you think of a better display of Faith and Parent Training in Action?


I’ve heard of Faith in Action – but This just about beats all. I almost had to drop to the floor and roll under the pews to see the art work that I hoped would be underneath the seats. I’m not sure what stopped me . . . Embarrassment in front of all the moms, or the fear of what I would read, or the utter disappointment that they’d be crisp and clean.

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1 Response to Faith Filled Pews

  1. YIKES!!! Sharpies in all the pews!! Are they crazy?? Who ever had this idea does NOT have have small children!!

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