The Advantage to Knowing your Neighbors

Well – I suppose I could write a novel on the advantages to getting to know your neighbors!  The boys have spurred up friendships all over the lake in the last year and a half! One of particular good to me, is our friendship with Covenant Creek up the road and the amazing fun Ms. JoDana! She lets the boys get pretty active on her property and includes them in on all of her good times – like –



Playing Gerbil in the Horse Watering Trough to move it into the barn in anticipation of the arrival of guests.


Sharing the joy of Shep the Dog over the new Squeaky Toys.


Getting to drive to the Post Office to pick up said squeaky toys that were delivered from Murry McMurry Hatchery! (An assortment of 60 chicks, turkeys, ducks and geese!)


Getting to love on little chicks without having to be the ones to wipe their bottoms or clean their cage every day . . . .



This is Mischief and Trouble. Oh I Like Them!


Sorry – I mean Adorable and Sweet. I didn’t know you were listening.


Go Ducks!

Baby Duck

Cute little lone duck!

So, when you live in a rental without outbuildings or fences, and this is the first year you haven’t had farm animals since about 1999, it is good to be able to team up with neighbors and enjoy their farm. Smile

I will continue to enjoy my “chickens” from the lake. Winking smile

My "Chickens" - Coots.

Little Coots come to feed in the yard every day.

Thank you Covenant Creek for sharing with us!

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2 Responses to The Advantage to Knowing your Neighbors

  1. kimberly says:

    that is so neat! I finally gave up on the ‘small personal farm’ thing for us. I need to find some homesteading friends I guess…

  2. Quitze Rose and Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing the love of neighbors, farmlife and springtime! We, too have a wonderful neighbor, Patrick who is in the set-up stages for a beautiful Alsea Bay marsh farm with chicks and seedlings growing faster than we’re getting the coops and greenhouses built! It’s all comin’ alive! … this rainforest spring that truly starts the end of January/early February when the yellow violets start blooming in the low protected spaces and the salmonberries promise the storms are just part of the process.

    Global climate change is giving us a bit drier winters- the breaks of rainbows and sun have been nice- and a bit wetter springs which is difficult to be patient with, but ahhh, everything is so green! Enjoy those babies! We’re having fun holding each chick to help socialize them and welcome them to the family flock.

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