Brittany Hargest–Love all the Way – Review and Giveaway!


You may recognize Brittany’s face from Jump 5, a fun teen dance band from years gone by – this is her debut release – that continues with a dance beat – but still shares her heart of her hope in Christ.  I almost didn’t want to take the time to review the CD, it wouldn’t probably be my type of music, but my sons were interested in it. I am so glad I did!  I really love all of the upbeat music. It is really what I need right now, encouragement and joy! I was taken back with her performing with Ginny Owens and Casting Crowns last week – and it told me that other Christian Worship Leaders that I respect – also see Brittany’s heart – spirit – and love of Jesus.

Brittany’s debut release combines club beats with lyrics that communicate the hope, love and acceptance that are found in knowing Christ. Recognized for her high energy and soaring vocals, Brittany delivers the same vocal ability, and influence on a more mature record. Infectious rhythms and irresistibly catchy hooks gravitate toward a grand finally ending! These 10 dance/pop driven tracks, are exuberant examples of fiery rhythms, which collectively serve up a variety of interesting tempos. From tracks like, “Slow Motion” to “Love All The Way” to “Miracle” and “You Met Me”, the music’s drive comes from its pervasive grooves, exquisite arrangements and passionate singing. This release ranks right up at the top with any feel-good, dance- driven album in the industry! It’s one of the best Christian dance albums ever made and it’s just so easy to get caught up in the music that at the end, it’s hard not to rewind the record and start it over again! Hargest’s self-titled, debut album demonstrates, what good music is supposed to do by providing a positive escape.

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2 Responses to Brittany Hargest–Love all the Way – Review and Giveaway!

  1. pebblekeeper says:

    Without any entires, I am picking a winner – a friend’s daughter who could use some encouraging music. Congratulations McKenna – your sweet spirit rocks!

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