Advent Happenings


I was looking all over the church and property for Jon on Sunday. Couldn’t find him.  In the truck with the dog? no. Bugging the Sunday School teachers while they set up snacks? no. Playing nerf outside? no. Down the street at the lake catching a salamander? I was hoping not and too lazy to look. 

It reminded me of when Jesus’s parents went to the temple, traveling as a large group, and the time it took to find out that He was missing from where they assumed He would be. During these 40 Days of Advent, we have been taking a little more relaxed year, after so many years of SERIOUS Advents, Solemn and Simple. I am blessed, that it doesn’t just have to be these 40 days that we remember that He came and that He is coming again. I am joyful that my boys LOVE going to gather at the Vineyard, and seeing their fruit of being a part of the Vine.


Ok. So we’re not talking about Jesus who was at the Temple talking of His Father and explaining Scriptures. Just a front row of little boys, young men, explaining how to play the games on the DS, talking of JJ’s dad rockin’ on the guitar. But – it’s real close. This is where I found him. Front row. With his buddies.  (Second from the right). These are our future leaders, teachers, praise and worship song writers. Sniff. Sniff.


(note the Advent Candles on the shelf above the Amp?)


This week they got to pray for a midwife missionary being sent to Haiti , a remote village, to train 20+ midwives. When she went up to pray – the little girls ran up to pray for her as well. Usually, a large circle of women surround the person being prayed for, this week, the young girls. I thought that was just beautiful.

This is our serious. This is our every day. Praying for others. Being free to be ourselves in the congregation. The expectation is that we are a part of the Vine in any location, at any hour, any season of the year. I love being a part of the Body of Christ. How amazing that His plan was for us to gather together.

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  1. Love that we are all part of the Body of Christ. Very awesome indeed!

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