Mentos and Diet Coke


Jon has been working on his idea for a Mentos and Diet Coke explosion for quite some time. Using a 2 liter bottle, he figured out a good way to get the Mentos to drop.

I was talking yesterday – of the fun of having their learning style advance to a new stage. In the past, Science Experiments were a momentary occurrence. Something I would look up, set up, they would either work or fail, and the boys would move on with their day. What I have been observing lately – is a progression. They want to figure something out. They create several prototypes. If their expectations are not met, they try again, move it. The apathy of not caring if it works or not is gone, the frustration of it not working does not come, the joy of the day of figuring it out has emerged.  These couple of photos and 48 second video has been weeks in the making.


Dropping the mentos in, he realizes they have to hit the bottom quickly, for the largest zip of foam in the air. He is still working on getting the highest blast. We’ll be looking for a sale on Diet Coke Bottles. And Mentos.

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3 Responses to Mentos and Diet Coke

  1. Katie says:

    Love it! This is one of those “ongoing experiments” around here, lol. Both of my boys, ages 12 and 7, really enjoy trying different variations. We have tried different size bottles of Diet Coke (even the little 20 oz ones work!) and different types of diet soda. We have yet to find a diet soda (like a store brand or something, not like Diet Fanta, lol) that works like Diet Coke. The first time the boys did this, we did take the easy route and bought a little tube thingy at Hobby Lobby specifically for this. I know, shameful. 🙂 But after that initial tube, the boys have since tried to come up with their own individual ways of delivering the mentos.

    Again, enjoyed the pictures and the video! Looking forward to reading more of your blog…

    Homeschooling mom of two boys that’s ecstatic to have found my budding writer some creative writing help!

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Thanks! He is wondering if other sodas work, like diet Shasta. Since it is so inexpensive, we’ll have him try. He is talking of the different ingredients that make the difference. Hasn’t taken it so far to look it up, I’m just sitting back, but I hope he takes that step!

      • Katie says:

        Oh I haven’t tried Diet Shasta…That’s harder to find around here…I did see it not too long ago; I will have to try and keep an eye out for it again. It’s a good bit cheaper and cheap is good with me, lol. I only buy the Diet Coke on sale, and even then I try and wait until I have a Buy One, Get One Free coupon or the BOGO is s special at my local store. Then I stock up. 😀

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