S.S. Max


Jon recently spotted this little boat during a trip to Newport and wanted to try it out. He set out to paint it, and as usual, I had no idea what he was doing. He was calling from the other room – “How do you get the paint to stick?” “It should”, I reply, “Let it dry and then it will stick to each layer, but it might slide off in the water”. He asks if he should just use sharpies instead, so I said sure.  I felt sorta bad when I came into the dining room and saw him trying with my nature trail watercolor discs, instead of the box of tempera or acrylics I thought he was using.


We head to the water for a launch. Max looks on at the SS Max.


Blow up the balloon,




Giggle while it spurts around.  All it all it was a fun toy. A day spent having fun, or at least til 1 in the afternoon. Jon is thinking of ways to make more, so he can have a fleet.


Mom takes a turn at the craft launching.


You’re a good little boat S.S. Max!


As my friend at Almost Unschoolers says, “It’s great to be a Homeschooler!”

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