A Secret for my Fly by the Seat of their Pants friends –

I know you. It’s August and you’re reading all of these great “Curriculum Planning” posts. Why? To make sense out of your library that was amassed from too many used curriculum sales? Maybe this fall you’ll ‘get in gear’ and use that online planner and fill out your lesson plans? Sure ya will. 

I also know that some of you have had a baby this year, that your family dynamics have changed, your income has shifted, your physical disability has flared – or that you’re just plain ol tired.

You may be on either side of the curriculum swing – brand new to home learning – or nine years in a a bit burned out with your old faithful really great curriculum.

I have good news for you – First – You Are Not Alone. Second – There is Help!

I felt it this spring.  It was National Poetry Month.  I really felt like we should ‘do’ something, but the ‘what’ had me stumped. We had two previous years of great poetry projects, and I wasn’t sure what new fun thing to try.

I went to my new favorite “secret spot” and looked up their Writing challenge for the month – and had such a great result that we joined the local library for their Poetry Reading day – as you may remember from this article. Their challenge gave us step by step simple instructions, and we had a great learning time!

If you are looking for some daily inspirations in:

  • Daily Grammar
  • Daily Math
  • Daily Writing
  • Ditch the Desk
  • Daily Easels
  • Exploring
  • Summer Shakespeare
  • This day in History

Then you might just be looking for the –


“Blended Learning, Innovative Education” is the tagline for SchoolhouseTeachers.com.  It is explained as follows:

World English Dictionary: “Blended learning is the use of both classroom teaching and online learning in education.” Our approach believes in the combination of face-to-face learning—i.e., home education and homeschool co-op settings—combined with the latest in technology. And that’s where innovative comes in. We’re using the latest in technology: online learning, E-Books, apps, back issues of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine archived, and more. And there’s much more (video, audio files) to come.

I have turned to the site many times this past spring and summer for ideas to jump start our days.  I am looking forward to using the site in the fall to help with some Geography and Film Making studies.  Where else am I going to get instant access to great ideas from homeschooling professionals?

My other REALLY EXCITING news – is that it now comes with the invaluable Schoolhouse Planners. You get access to the whole set – when you sign up for your first month.  Incredible. Why would they even keep the planners up for the $1.00 first month people?  I don’t get it. 

But if you are one of those I described up above, and you feel disorganized, and lost, without focus or a place to start?  I’d start at the planners.  Look through the forms. Look through the monthly ideas.  See what you are already doing / have been doing with your kiddos this summer. And build from there.

I’ll let you go check out the other reviews – that give so much of the WHAT of the site – and go to the sample areas – But I can tell you 100% – I like this website.  I received access for free as part of my last tour on the Schoolhouse Crew, and the opportunity came up this year to be on the review team for the web site.  I could have chosen not to review the site or share my enthusiasm with you. I also – could have said I don’t really like it, but it’s a nice perk of being on the crew.  Not so. I asked to be on the review – and for those of us who were not already  members, we did receive a free membership to the site for the purpose of using it with the kids and sharing our experience with you.

Here’s how you too can have access:

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is available for $1 for the first month.  It is $5.95 per month after that.  You may take a video site tour here to learn more.   A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available here.


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