Morning Coffee on the Dock Anyone?



Early Morning Fog around 6. Decided to get up, coffee up, spend some time blessing the house and watering the outside plants – and have coffee on the dock. I’ll let you know when I’m done sprucing up the latrines – you can join me out on the dock with the coffee.


See the tiny dot on the edge of the boat house?  Kingfisher. He’s so cute. We have quite  few of them this year. Usually 1-2 at a time, yesterday I counted over 6 with many in the air. Cool. (Barn Swallow in the fuzzy flight)






We now have bryozoan colonies on each post of the dock.








Quickie Panorama from my seat. Me twisting so you can see my view. Didn’t spend time to blend the pieces together. (Our house is the one on the farthest right.)



Good thing I was done with quiet time – The mirror is about to get broken . . .


Homeschool Dad and his friends actually – they go out every morning.


Glad you could stop by!  The fog is lifting, the air is warm, slight breeze. (Warm being over 60.) Feel free to bring a cup of Joe and sit out there anytime!

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4 Responses to Morning Coffee on the Dock Anyone?

  1. cateyesmd says:

    I always enjoy your blog posts, especially these amazing pictures that you live right smack in the middle of. Sorta jealous, but thankful for your sharing. Your panoramic was pretty good considering it was a DIY one. If you have a smart phone you may be able to grab a FREE panoramic photo app that will do all the blending for you. 🙂 I currently have “360” and “DMD” on my iPhone.

  2. Sparklee says:

    Wow…I think my heart rate went down just looking at your photos! So peaceful and beautiful. I would so love to live by the water… (Not that I’m complaining, mountains are great, too!)

    I admit, I had to look up bryzoans. COOL!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! What an inspiring place for morning coffee! I have been enjoying our cooler (70’s) mornings here in KY this week and having my coffee on the back deck:)

  4. Jen B-W says:

    I wish I could live in your backyard all summer. These pics are so pretty!!

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