Lake – Wave Education–Unschooling Field Trip

4:00 hit and we had not had lunch on our adventure of a day.  We had heard of a pizza joint called Savory from a friend when she brought a pie to our Newport Teen Co-op.  Next we heard about them when they sponsored dozens of pies for our Otter Rock n Roll Youth Surf Competition.  Man. Those pizza pies are amazing!


So we headed to the north end of Nye Beach, right near the loop that lets you park right next to the sand – for a late lunch early dinner. Poor Jon had a bit of a hunger crash, and the idea of spending 30 minutes for the world’s best pizza to finish baking in their clay oven didn’t go over well. The owner? worker? Bruce fixed him up with a thick slice of home made bread and some water with a huge dollop of butter.  Fixed our man right up!


We started with a serving of creamy artichoke tip. Fantastic! Fresh tomatoes, home made bread slices, wowza. Hubby had a pint of Kona – Yumo!


We started with a serving of creamy artichoke tip. Fantastic! Fresh tomatoes, home made bread slices, wowza. Hubby had a pint of Kona – Yumo!








They have the eatery/pub set up to be relaxing during the wait.  Fantastic photos on the walls. Quiet reading spots around the corners.  Over 21 spot for the pub, children’s corner in the far right corner, interesting pieces on the walls. If you can’t relax here – you need to come back a second time – this is the perfect place to chill!

As hubby pointed out the Marlin Nose/Sword on the walls, he collected a few books for us to read at the table.  We enjoy Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein – Bruce had a book full of a combinations of these and other poems. Fun!


P1100705My favorite book we read was a science encyclopedia hubby was browsing.  He turned to a page about lave waves and currents.  We’ve always been fascinated by the strong currents in the lake and wonder where they start or what pushes the power around.

Pie Time! Creamy Spinach  – Mushroom – with Mild Sausage and fresh tomatoes. Wowza.


Oh – the waves – right


For the lake mentioned in this article – it had to do with the warm winds blowing over the tops of the cold water. “The wave ultimately develops between the cold water on the bottom and the warm water air above it.” We marveled that a huge tree trunk washed up on our beach this year lodging itself under the boat dock. The paragraph continues – “washing up tree trunks or other items that could, under certain circumstances – be mistaken for a creature”

See?  WoW! Oh. Sorry. I forget. Y’all may not remember – that we live on Devils Lake. The legend is that there is a monster in the lake that swallows fishermen. We’ve seen 2-3 foot swells appear on a clear glass mirror lake day. Doesn’t take very much wind to whip it up. The currents get so strong, that between the wind and the current, I’ve had friends dock at a beach and call for a ride, and we know people who pull tired out paddlers to a marina on on the west side after they can’t paddle back. This year – they even let some artists create a Creature to put at a park on the lake – the Creature of the Lake.

Intentional Learning.  Not like School. Unschoool. A slice of our day.



Thanks Savory for being a part of our fun day!

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  1. My hubby runs on Kona Brew…never without it at this house. The only way it is better is with a slice of something yummy. 🙂

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