Ocean Education–Nature Studies



We have been neck deep in ocean education.  Learning about currents, swells, waves, weather, storms, rip tides ,beaches, and erosion.  We all four have been fascinated at seeing the swells and waves not just as beauty slamming into the summer sand banks – but as a tool – something to be conquered – harnessed – respected.


The boys and I have enjoyed going to the look out places (Newport Lighthouse Above) to watch the patterns of the swells – direction – timing – distance. The effect of wind, storms drifting down from the north, heat moving over the air from the south. Really churns it up out there.




This week – for the first time – I heard both of my boys answer that they are interested in Ocean Education as a life choice. Marine biology – diving – conservation – even surfing professionally.




With continued observation and site specific intentional learning – a love of the land and water developed. A love and interest in the creatures dependent on this harsh environment – not only the harsh reality of winter storms, but the invasion of tourists and folks like us that want to share the shoreline.


Nate was pretty specific on what he wanted to do – wanted to study. By the way – since I told him that I wasn’t going to be taking his picture anymore – guess who started showing up when the camera came out. He said it was OK again.



We are continuing our nature studies with plants and animals this fall as well.







September. Oh how I love the return of fall – intentional learning – long family walks – the shift to reading and research. 4 more years. What will September feel like after that? I’ll enjoy every day for all it’s worth now.

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