Looking for Glass Floats in Lincoln City


Friday was Glorious on the Oregon Coast. The town we live in, Lincoln City, has a Finder’s Keeper’s glass float program.  From October to May they put out over 2,000 hand blown beautiful Glass Floats. This weekend, in honor of Antique Week, they are also placing 300 hundred Japanese Antique Glass Floats.


So you know where my boys wanted to be!  We love to be out there on the beach in the middle of a treasure hunt party. Everyone you come into contact with has a story to share. Where they came from. How long they’ve been looking for one. Some have been to Lincoln City every winter for years. (Started in 2000). Some have never seen one on the beach. Many have been 10 feet away from a person picking one up.  We’ve seen many people walking back to the parking lot holding out a treasure with a grin from ear to ear.  Warms the heart.


We walked just about every portion of the beach, save from Olivia to Nelscott this weekend. We’ve seen little kids, an older lady and a young couple walking with the Japanese floats.  Nate talked to a man who had found a Japanese float for the first time.  I chatted with a lady who found her first large colored float that morning, and a Japanese float that afternoon. She was still grinning.


We have not found one this weekend, but it doesn’t diminish our joy of playing.  Being out there? Observing so many beautiful sites? The conversations on the beach, not only with the boys but with so many people? People on vacation hitting the beach for the first time – Are happy people to chat with for sure.




Some people question why we still look.  We just can’t help it. The beach pulls at us. May  – October is fun too, but there’s just something that gets the adrenaline flowing like the possibility of walking by one of these beauties!

Antique Week in town – Feb 8 – 18 – Special Float Drop!

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5 Responses to Looking for Glass Floats in Lincoln City

  1. I had no idea they actually put out those glass floats. I always though they were really old and you’d never find one. Like they had been floating around since lost from a ship.

  2. pbandjmom says:

    We are planning on doing this in our area soon!

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I hope they do – it is SO much fun here. Of course there are a few people who are a bit crazy about being float collectors – but for the most part – it’s just really really fun being out there!

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