Did you have kids so they would do dishes?



Or was that just me? A little Jr. High Girl dreaming of the day I would get married, have children, and never. ever. have to do dishes again.  That was my dream until today. 

P1110201 Did you know if you force feed your son Lasagna and Roast Beef that he will grow to be over 6’2” tall and he can cut the middle of the hedges?  Oh the Glory!!! So maybe I didn’t have to force the lasagna, but good gravy I totally had that fulfilling Jr. High Mom dream fulfillment today as the middle of the hedges were flat instead of tent like.


Meanwhile, Jon and his friend collect Golf Balls from the lake. The same said golf balls that they like to shoot out into the water. Collect, hit, swim, dive, collect, hit. etc.



Notice the sad lil ladder.  Poor thing. I no longer need you for the hedges.  Squeal.


Jon says he is a carp.




Perfect Summer Day.


Notice anything strange about this photo?  Nate’s iPod ran out while BBQ’ing.  So he is charging it with an extension cord in his pocket. Weirdo.


Jon and Nate after an hour of making a crawdad trap. They used several containers, we’ll see in the morning if this one worked. There are several, in eye sight, by the dark. However, That’s somehow not sporty. So we trap them.


The perfect sunset to the perfect summer day.  Sigh.

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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1 Response to Did you have kids so they would do dishes?

  1. soa1 says:

    I tried leaving feedback, but it didn’t like my password. Not sure what password they wanted. Anyway, Mom liked the pictures a lot:-) They were good. Nice family post. Almost looks like summer.

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