High School Field Trips–Metal and Wood–Craftsman


We took a break from our beach walk to pick up a coffee and meet our friend Tyler at his shop by the ocean sea wall. Tyler is one of Jon’s Surfing and Wrestling coaches. He is a partner in Furnished with Purpose and the Owner/Operator of Dark Fern Metal Works.

DSCF7765(Front yard view from Tyler’s Shop.)

We can still take field trips with high schoolers. As homeschoolers we have such a vast opportunity. We are always up for a discovery field trip, like a new museum, or an art show, or theater play. However, a focus has been sent on integrating what we are learning  with how folks use this information in their life work.


We are struggling with Algebra 1 right now and have considered taking a break and switching to Geometry.  I hadn’t really thought of it until we were in Tyler’s shop and saw all of his hand tools – along side laser pointed planers.


Another focus we’ve been working on is taking a breath and enjoying the process. This was showcased today as Tyler put on some finishing touches to the side of this long entertainment table. Using an oriental hand saw he made a micro adjustment to the end. You could see the skill and joy of the work.


We were able to talk about our math struggles and Tyler pointed at these two tables. He showed Jon the detailed angles and cuts that needed to be made to create the bases. (Did I mention delivered coffee?)




He uses repurposed wood and hand tools.


I let the two of them chat about life, surfing, wrestling and enjoying a pursuit of your life’s work while a friend and I took a stroll down the narrow lane to take a peek at this view north.


Sigh. Momming is hard. Homeschooling is Hard. I’m here to make the sacrifice. Ha

Keep your eyes and ears open for craftsman in your local area. Step out and invite yourself over. Bring them coffee or a snack. Ask them about a good time to swing by.  Don’t really come with a list of questions like you may have done at the fire hall. Just let the person talk and share their passions. You never know what passion might be ignited. Light that fire.

Dark Fern Metal Works and Furnished with Purpose are Pacific Northwest  ~ Oregon based companies – but I’m sure they’d entertain requests from anywhere.
This is NOT an affiliate or paid post.

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2 Responses to High School Field Trips–Metal and Wood–Craftsman

  1. Craftsmen are hard to find these days! My son has been trying to find a mentor for blacksmithing for a year now. We are still looking! I do enjoy with people who do a “craft” for their job. They all seem to still have the passion inside them for years that most people only have for the first year or so of their jobs. Beautiful work! (and an amazing view north).

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